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Izzy and Tilly

13 replies

Bells3032 · 05/07/2023 14:15

We have a daughter whose called Isabelle but we call her Izzy. We are thinking for no 2 (if a girl) calling her Matilda but Tilly for short.

I think Isabelle and Matilda go quite well together but are Izzy and Tilly too similar or trying too hard etc or are they cute together? I'd be happy with Mattie as a nickname instead but husband loves Tilly

OP posts:
Begsthequestion · 05/07/2023 14:23

Honestly Izzy I can just about stomach but Tilly just sounds like a pet horse or something to me.

Ihavekids · 05/07/2023 14:25

Love both. Cute together and you can decide on Mattie or Tilly later

AllIwantforChristmas22 · 05/07/2023 14:26

Tilly is super popular and everywhere.

not a fan of Izzy and Tilly tbh, sounds like a pair of pets to me

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 05/07/2023 14:26

i think they’re ok together.

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 05/07/2023 14:29

I like Tilly and think it goes alright with Izzy given that they are both shortenings and not the actual names. If it was the full name then I would probably say too similar. Isabelle and Matilda sound nice together.

KirstenBlest · 05/07/2023 15:32

They're fine. Both full names are nothing alike but are have a fairly similar vibe.

PickledScrump · 05/07/2023 15:39

Absolutely lovely. Tilly is much better than Mattie. I have an Isabelle and I wanted a Tilly for DD2 but couldn’t don’t any full names we loved.

MovingBird123 · 05/07/2023 15:43

Matty is always a cute shortening...

ManyDogs · 05/07/2023 15:44

They are fine together, names and nicknames and like PP say, you can use tilly, tilda, mattie also

Sandysandwich · 05/07/2023 15:55

I think they sound fine together, lots of sibling names end with the same sound and Matilda is lovely.
I really like Mattie and have known quite a few girls who went by Tilda which is nice if you want them to sound a little more different from each other

cptartapp · 05/07/2023 16:21

Dreadful name.
You said it yourself, 'cute'. For about three years.

midsomermurderess · 05/07/2023 16:51

I find these twee girly names slightly depressing. We still, at base, have to be sweet and cute.

KirstenBlest · 05/07/2023 16:57

@midsomermurderess , but twee names are popular for boys too.

When I was born, boys were called things like Mark, Steve and Ian, but now they're Alfie, Teddy and Freddie

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