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Baby names

Have I got this horribly wrong?

14 replies

plumb · 23/02/2008 15:21

Our DD 3 is called Leila. Thats pronounced Layla. RIGHT??
Ever since we named her my father has said that we have called her "Leela".
But I was led to belived that Leila was the correct spelling of the name?
We liked the eric clapton song, but I liked the arabic spelling of the name. PLease tell me I'm right or have I been calling my daughter by the wrong name for 3 years??

OP posts:

belgo · 23/02/2008 15:22

I know a Leila pronounced 'Layla'

you're tight in my opinion


belgo · 23/02/2008 15:23

'you're tight in my opinion'
oh dear obviously I meant
you're right in my opinion


scoopmuckanddizzy · 23/02/2008 15:26

I'd say so, I went school with girl called Leila, pronounced Layla.


FourPlusOne · 23/02/2008 15:29

I would say so too. In fact this was one of the possible names for our DD, and spelt your way. When I looked it up there were a couple of different ways of spelling it. Is a lovely name.


LazyLinePainterJane · 23/02/2008 15:33

Leila is "Lay-la"

Leela is "Lee-la"


Regardless, even if it were the other way round, your dad is bring a bit of a nob.


plumb · 23/02/2008 15:39

Thanks, and Lazy, I agree with you about my dad.
And Belgo, not sure if I really am "tight in your opinion". After 2 kids thats not really possible!

OP posts:

Donk · 23/02/2008 16:17

Either Layla or Leila are both transliterations - the Arabic spelling can only be done in Arabic, and I don't know how to torture the keyboard to make that come out right...


sherby · 23/02/2008 16:19

Sorry but I always read it as lee-la. And I know a lady called Leila and she pronounces it lee-la.


Pruners · 23/02/2008 16:22

Message withdrawn


Donk · 25/02/2008 10:14

Oh the shame.
Donk the Pedant.
Both Layla and Leila are transliterations....


NoBiggy · 25/02/2008 10:18

I wouldn't read Leila as Leela, Layla first choice pronunciation, Lyla second I think.


throckenholt · 25/02/2008 10:19

ei pronounced ay is a common English way of saying it. I don't think it would be "ee" very often.

Anyway - you can spell and pronounce a name any way you like nowadays - so you can't be wrong !


Littlefish · 25/02/2008 10:21

Either I think.

I know a Leila who is pronounced Leela. You just might need to be prepared to correct people in future.


margoandjerry · 25/02/2008 10:22

In Arabic it would be Lay-la. My neice is Layla after the song too

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