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17caterpillars1mouse · 26/06/2023 14:49

What are your thoughts on Jude for a boy? Do you know many?

I actually wanted Judah which was vetoed but DH said maybe to Jude. My grandma was Judith so I like that link too.

Do you think it will age well - I've never met an adult Jude

OP posts:
LT2 · 26/06/2023 15:07

I don't know many but I do know a couple, one of them being my own toddler! The other is another toddler. It will age well. You will always get a few haters but the majority of people love Jude. I don't think it's a name you can go wrong with personally, although of course I'm biased.

StopFeckingFaffing · 26/06/2023 15:11

It's been fashionable for a while now so there are plenty of young men around called Jude - Jude Bellingham the footballer for example

Nice nod to your Grandma

Its not what of my favourite names but it's a perfectly acceptance name and I'm not aware of any negative connotations

StopFeckingFaffing · 26/06/2023 15:12

one acceptable

Purplecatshopaholic · 26/06/2023 15:22

I know an adult female Jude and a male child Jude. Lovely name imo.

IHadTheLasagne · 26/06/2023 15:23

Lovely name!

heartsinvisiblefury · 26/06/2023 15:23

Love it

wingsofabird · 26/06/2023 15:42

Great name

17caterpillars1mouse · 26/06/2023 15:49

I think it's the first name I've ever posted on here that seems to be universally liked

OP posts:
Alwayswonderedwhy · 26/06/2023 15:51

I know of a few. Lovely name.

SallyWD · 26/06/2023 16:12

I really love the name. It's one of my favourite boys names. It's an old and classic name but to me sounds quite cool!

HarrietStyles · 26/06/2023 16:23

I know a Jude and he’s a lovely little boy. The kids call him Jude The Dude at school!

FatGirlSwim · 26/06/2023 16:25

I love it.

greenplantspinkflowers · 26/06/2023 17:10

Ahh for me, Jude was the one who got away..lovely name

OopsieeDaisy · 26/06/2023 22:27

I don’t personally like Jude but there’s nothing wrong with it, I also don’t know of any adults called Jude but in about 10-20 years there definitely will be!

Maryofscots · 26/06/2023 22:30

Lovely name. I know a male Jude in his late forties. It will age well

PurplePear7 · 26/06/2023 22:32

I like it! I’ve seen two instagrammers in the last few weeks call their babies Jude so it must be popular 😊

TheOnlyAletheia · 26/06/2023 22:36

I have a teenage Jude, named for my mum (Judith). I love it, but more importantly he loves it. It’s aged well with him 🙂

KatPatPat · 26/06/2023 22:58

We seriously considered Jude but went with another name. Still like it

Salamander91 · 26/06/2023 22:59

Love it. Its on our list if this one is a boy 😊

WhatTheFlipToDo · 26/06/2023 23:01

‘Jude the Dude’ 😍

continentallentil · 26/06/2023 23:21

It’s nice, very popular at the moment

honeyy123 · 26/06/2023 23:33

I've heard judelay

24Dogcuddler · 26/06/2023 23:43

Love it. Only ever taught one boy called Jude and he was lovely. He hated anyone singing the song Hey Jude.

ymemanresu · 26/06/2023 23:52

Love it

Jackonary · 27/06/2023 01:05

I know one aged 50, one aged 30 and one aged 8 (all male) and one female Jude aged about 70. It is not my favourite name but absolutely fine.

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