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Alex or Xander ?

63 replies

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 22/06/2023 12:06

Which do you prefer as a shortening for Alexander?
the name is so long that I think it is inevitable that it will be shortened. My husband prefers Alex but I am leaning towards Xander.

OP posts:
ZacharinaQuack · 22/06/2023 12:06

In Scotland he could be Sandy or Eck.

Comefromaway · 22/06/2023 12:18

Alex, Xander sounds a bit poncy.

SnapPop · 22/06/2023 12:19


LadyBird1973 · 22/06/2023 12:35

I like Xander. My DS goes by both, depending on whether he's with family or friends, as we already have an Alex in the family

JeandeServiette · 22/06/2023 12:36

Alec. Which might be cheating but meh.

MissingMoominMamma · 22/06/2023 12:37


Rollinghill · 22/06/2023 12:37

Alex. But rename your Alexa app!

YouOk · 22/06/2023 12:38

Lexy. Little lex, lilttle
lexy baby, lexyloo, my lovely little lexy

or maybe that was just me 😃

betsyannegrey · 22/06/2023 12:44

Sacha is a great nn for Alexander

Abracadabra12345 · 22/06/2023 12:45

Comefromaway · 22/06/2023 12:18

Alex, Xander sounds a bit poncy.

Our Alexander is called Xander!

4YOWoe · 22/06/2023 12:47

I prefer Al or Sandy but Alex is also nice.

Xander feels very "now".

Blughbablugh · 22/06/2023 12:50

Xander. Love the name! I have an Alexander who for now is Xander. The beauty of having a longer name that you can shorten means that they can choose when they get older whether they want to be known as Alexander, Alex or Xander etc...

Parsley1234 · 22/06/2023 12:52

My son is Sacha that is a nn fir Alexander but Xander is fab

SallyWD · 22/06/2023 12:53

I prefer Alex but I'm a bit old fashioned.

toastofthetown · 22/06/2023 13:04

I prefer Alex, though my favourite diminutive is Sacha/Sasha.

IhearyouClemFandango · 22/06/2023 13:05

We have an Alexander. He was Sandy as a baby, but is now Alex or Ali. I like Xandy/Xander, but dh doesn’t.

ZenNudist · 22/06/2023 13:07

Alex. Xander makes you look a bit ridiculous

Beeswood · 22/06/2023 13:09


tacomaco · 22/06/2023 13:09

Alex or Xander. I like both. Big Scotland rugby fan though!

I agree with Sandy in Scotland too.

Sasha to be is a dog name.

Parsley1234 · 22/06/2023 13:10

I guess it depends on your demographic Xan and Xander would be very normal here Alex would be ok too

Schum · 22/06/2023 13:27

Xander. Alex is very popular.

Missytizzy · 22/06/2023 17:16

Nothing ridiculous about Xander!! What an odd comment. I think it’s lovely.

IamnotwhouthinkIam · 22/06/2023 17:23

Love classic/timeless Alexander - great choice.

But it's definitely Xander or even Xan/Xand for me for the diminutive. Too many Alex's about and speaking as someone at school in the 80's/90's many of them were girls too which might get confusing (may not be a problem these days though, as younger ones seem to go by "Lexi" instead now?)

lljkk · 22/06/2023 17:26

imho, because you asked, and this is nothing to do with any real human beings:

I really dislike Xander. It's "obviously" not nice.
Al, Alex, Andy, so many other NNs I'm fine with. Even Sasha & Alec at a stretch.

Mutabiliss · 22/06/2023 17:27

Xander, it's lovely. There are two in my son's nursery and I know another in primary, so definitely common around here!

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