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Baby names

ifan ... how is it pronounced?

16 replies

nappyaddict · 21/02/2008 22:51

following on from the ianto thread ...

OP posts:

colditz · 21/02/2008 22:52

EE - fan?

Eye - fan?



notnowbernard · 21/02/2008 22:53

Ooh, don't know...

But to me it sounds like it should sound like 'Ivan', which I think is a lovely name


runnyhabbit · 21/02/2008 22:53

generally its ee-fan


nappyaddict · 21/02/2008 22:53

see i think ee-fan too.

OP posts:

sallystrawberry · 21/02/2008 22:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nappyaddict · 21/02/2008 22:54

oooh so i was right. in that case i like it.

OP posts:

nappyaddict · 21/02/2008 22:54

x posted!! still like it!!

OP posts:

notnowbernard · 21/02/2008 22:55



runnyhabbit · 21/02/2008 22:55

think the v/f depends on where in Wales you live.

Where I am it would be eefan


zebedee1 · 22/02/2008 10:06

I have an Evan and his relatives (welsh is their first language)call him "ee-fan" and write his name as Ifan.


mejon · 22/02/2008 13:09

Defninitely 'Ee-van'.
A single 'f' in Welsh is always pronounced as 'v' (I'm trying really hard to think of any exceptions before posting and making myself look a twit !).


runnyhabbit · 22/02/2008 18:33

mejon - I stand corrected

You'd think I'd know that, living in Wales. Which is why ds will be going to a Welsh language school!


edam · 22/02/2008 18:36

I'd say ee-fan. Ds's favourite nursery manager used to call him Ifan pron. with an f. And she was Welsh (ds has the Anglicised version of this name - both grandads are Welsh).


Blandmum · 22/02/2008 18:37

Eee Van deffo!

One F sounds V

Two FFs sound F


Blandmum · 22/02/2008 18:38

and there is no V in Welsh. Or J

but dd is a letter in its own right


edam · 22/02/2008 18:42

well, you learn something every day. Of course the 'v' brigade are right - should have stopped and thought about Dafydd, for instance.

I do know how to say 'dd', does that make up for it? (If we'd used the Welsh version for ds, I'm sure my dad would have stopped me getting it wrong. I hope!)

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