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Baby names

what's wrong with saying you don't like a name?

10 replies

branflake81 · 21/02/2008 16:18

Lots of people seem to get uppity when mumsnetters express dislike for a certain name. Why? Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I like broccoli (to eat, not to call my child) but would not be offended if someone else didn't.

Seriously though, surely you should be GLAD if your favourite names are generally mocked, at least your child will be unique.

OP posts:

Nancy66 · 21/02/2008 16:26

I agree - I think if somebody posts on here asking for opinions they have to expect some negative comments as well as positive.
However, if you've made your mind up and might be offended by people saying your choice of name is naff or chav then it's probably unwise to post at all.


AdamAnt · 21/02/2008 16:30

I think there's a difference between saying you dislike a name, and saying that the person who has chosen that name is a chav/stupid/cruel etc.

If someone was wearing a dress you didn't like, would you say (if asked) well it's not really to my taste, or would you say Oh dear God it's hideous! What on earth possessed you to buy such a vile garment? Everyone will think you're a moron with no taste!


themildmanneredjanitor · 21/02/2008 16:33

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cushioncover · 21/02/2008 16:33

Well it's perfectly acceptable to say a name is not to your taste. It's when people say that a perfectly reasonable, non-offensive name is 'disgusting' or 'horrible' that people get upset.

Unless someone suggested calling their child 'uglyface' or something, then all that's called for is a constructive opinion.


AdamAnt · 21/02/2008 16:48

TMMJ - I still think there are ways of saying things strongly without resorting to insults.


MAMAZON · 21/02/2008 16:52

oh those name threads just get daft.

everyone is entitled to tehir own opinion and i dont see why you would post asking for feedback if you are going to get offended if someone doesn't like teh name.

BUT i do find this "chav name" stuff a little unecessary.
a name is just a name. if it is a popular name it will be liked by those who live on a council estate just as much as those who frequent the NCT.


CoteDAzur · 21/02/2008 16:56

If someone I know in RL wants to know what I think about her choice of name, I will tell her. If I think it is terrible, I will tell her so.

Same here.

Don't want to know? Don't ask.


WestCountryLass · 22/02/2008 11:17

If someone asks me what I thought then I would say diplomatically waht I thought but if I asked someone what they were considering then I would say something positive if they told me even if I did not like it as they had not asked my opinion!


foxythesnowman · 22/02/2008 11:22

I agree that if you don't want to hear anything negative, then don't ask.

But its the people who ask if you've got any names and then say 'oooh, I don't like that?' that really piss me off. (that would be my MIL then).

Or the smelly bloke in the supermarket who butted in when I was talking to my son and asked 'why did I call him that? He's going to be called XXX'. FFS FO!


foxythesnowman · 22/02/2008 11:23

"why did YOU call him that?" I mean. He didn't have any say in my sons name. Obviously. [durrrr emoticon]

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