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Baby names

OK so I'm not actually having any more DC, but if I DID I've picked names already - what names would YOU have ?!

27 replies

LadybirdG · 21/02/2008 15:14


OP posts:

BoysAreLikeDogs · 21/02/2008 15:16


I would have had Felicia until Skoda stole it, bastards !!!

For a boy, Hamish

Just as well no more Dcs eh?


nailpolish · 21/02/2008 15:17

id love a boy called Corin

if i had another girl i have no idea, therea re thousands of nice girls names


NatalieJane · 21/02/2008 15:18

Seth or Aled for a boy.

Maya for a girl.

Will let you know which whenever no.3 comes along


LadybirdG · 21/02/2008 15:20

I'm relieved its not just me

I regulalry see threads saying "I c an't believe people pick their names for def when pg"

I think "ummm I already know my future dc and I'mnot actuall planning any more"

OP posts:

coastalmum · 21/02/2008 15:23

My dh and i always said if we'd ever been mad enough to have an eigth child it would be great excuse to name them either Octavia or Octavias. we stopped at #4 tho.


Aimsmum · 21/02/2008 15:29

Message withdrawn


TheHonEnid · 21/02/2008 15:30



bobsyouruncle · 21/02/2008 15:34

I like Freya for a girl. Really stuck for a boy though, I used the only other boys name I liked as ds's middle name. just as well not having any more!


tummytickler · 22/02/2008 20:01

I have 4 dc's and we (ahem! I) intend to have 2 more in the future ( after big house etc). I tihnk about what i am going to call these dcs all the time and current favourites are

Winifred Lucy

Cedric Arthur

Although my boys have very unusual very biblical names so i feel maybe something else biblical so it might be:

Obadiah, Ezra, Gideon, Jeremiah, Abraham.

Other girls

Phyllis, Dorothy, Enid, Jean, Cordelia.


MegSophandEmma · 22/02/2008 20:07

Ava for a girl

martin for boy


margoandjerry · 22/02/2008 20:11

Lydia or Delphine for a girl
Immanuel (Manny) for a boy.

oooooh, I want another one!


ChorusLine · 22/02/2008 20:12

Byron or Sol for a boy



hatrick · 22/02/2008 20:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

tortoise · 22/02/2008 20:13

I love Malachi or connor.
Not really got a girls name.

I have 4 DC and would love more one day! Just need to find a willing man.


alfiesbabe · 22/02/2008 20:14

coastalmum - I love the name Octavia too - but i agree it would seem silly to use a name meaning 'eighth' unless it's the 8th child. And we didnt like it that much


chankins · 22/02/2008 20:16

I would say what my future dc names will be (if dh ever agrees to number 4 !!!) but I don't want them to be pinched ! I am holding them secret ! My other three have v popular names now. Not that it matters really.
Actually I only have a fave girl name.
Can think of no other boys.
ds has the only boy name I ever liked !


uptomyeyes · 22/02/2008 20:16

My imaginary daughter would be Lydia.

I've used up all my best boys names.


eandh · 22/02/2008 20:17

If we had any more (dh keen I am *not)

Fletcher or Thomas for a boy

Katie or Lucy for a girl

(although doesnt work as name (fairly common) we'd set our heart on for dd2 from the 20week scan we changed our minds night before and she now has quite an unusual name)


janeite · 22/02/2008 20:19

Oh I'd love another girl. I'd call her Harriet Posy and dh would not be allowed any opinion at all in this!

The two boys that I was convinced I would have and didn't would have been:
Laurie James
Rowan Ashley

And I nearly forty and still hideously broody for my imaginary babies!


alfiesbabe · 22/02/2008 20:24

ooh lydia is lovely


LardyMardyDaisyBoo · 22/02/2008 20:29


hamish (but my BM got there first)


kid · 22/02/2008 20:30


But its never going to happen!


southeastastra · 22/02/2008 20:32

clint and britney are nice


zebedee1 · 22/02/2008 20:43

Flynn for a boy and Seren or Lila for a girl. But won't be having any more until the one we've got starts sleeping a bit better


southeastastra · 22/02/2008 21:07

zumo and frogberg

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