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Sanskrit name, Siddhi

7 replies

springtrees · 10/06/2023 11:13

What are your opinions on the Sanskrit name Siddhi for a girl? In English the best way to pronounce it is Sid-hee (soft h, almost like Siddee but with a slight h sound).


OP posts:
AtlasPine · 10/06/2023 11:25

I love it. It can shorten to Sid which is gorgeous for a kid. I taught a Siddhartha who was such a delightful child, I’ve always loved that name. Hadn’t heard the girl’s name.

Novella12 · 10/06/2023 16:45

It's beautiful

springtrees · 13/06/2023 11:16

Thank you!

OP posts:
MrsBennetsPoorNerves · 13/06/2023 11:18

Nice, but a lot of people will mispronounce it I'm afraid!

Scirocco · 13/06/2023 16:06


Franseen · 13/06/2023 17:04

People will pronounce it Siddy. If you don’t mind that, it’s a great name!

continentallentil · 13/06/2023 21:40

It’s very nice, people might not quite get the intonation right the first time, but they won’t be far off.

There’s another thread about Sydney for a girl which I also really like

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