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In need of a second opinion: Alice Aurora / Aurora Fay

35 replies

annawc · 05/06/2023 23:29

Beginning my search for baby names 🙂

Can I hear your honest opinions on these name combinations:
Alice Aurora
Aurora Fay (open to 'Fay' spelling variations)

OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 06/06/2023 19:15

It might be plain to you @ourflagmeansdeath , but I think it's a classic and nice and simple. Aurora seems faddy and princessy, and I know too many people (including adults) who would say it an Ovova or Owowa. I don't even like it, Dawn is better.

JamSandle · 06/06/2023 19:25

Alice Aurora or Aurora Alice

Leapintothelightning · 06/06/2023 19:31

I actually like Alice Fay or Fay Alice!
As much as I want to love it, I'm just not a fan of Aurora, it feels too frilly to me

BlockbusterVideoCard · 06/06/2023 20:03

Aurora Fay(e) flows much better but both combinations are nice and I personally like all the individual names.

Aurora Alice is actually slightly better. It depends what sound your surname starts with, as well.

Avoid Fae as a spelling IMO, if you were tempted, it won't age well.

SoShallINever · 06/06/2023 20:06

Aurora Faye. Really like this.

PickledScrump · 06/06/2023 20:26

I can’t stand aurora. To me it seems as silly as naming a child Cinderella. I love day and Alice. I’d go either Alice Fay or Fay Alice.

continentallentil · 07/06/2023 00:05

Alice is nice but overused

Aurora is ok but a bit Disney faddy

Fay is a bit wet honestly

How about Allegra?

SleepingStandingUp · 07/06/2023 00:30

Aurora Fae is very pretty and fairy like. I love it.

Alice is lovely and solid, bit I think Alice Aurora is a mouthful.

Fay works for both as middle names

SleepingStandingUp · 07/06/2023 00:31

Autocorrect. Aurora Fay. Don't go Fae.

SheSeIIsSeaShells · 07/06/2023 00:33


I like the Fae spelling.

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