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Girls names please help me to choose

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Foreverdancing · 01/06/2023 20:52

I had a really long list of names which I have now got down to the following. Please help me by letting me know which one you would pick. Thank you 😊 xx


OP posts:
FinallyMrsE · 01/06/2023 20:56

I like them all but my top 3 would be, Penny, Margot and Alice

KayEmAy · 01/06/2023 21:13

So many lovely ones! Personal favorites are Freya and Sophia:)

Coronationstation · 01/06/2023 21:13

Alice is my all time favourite name. I like Sophie and Isabelle but not Sophia and Isabella which seem a bit too frilly.
mia is cute and I like Freya and Penny. Margot feels very grown up for a baby but Maggie is cute as a nn. Grace just feels very over used at the moment.

SkyeBlue28 · 01/06/2023 21:16


Daffodilwoman · 01/06/2023 21:17


Rauha · 01/06/2023 21:18


sparklelikeadiamond · 01/06/2023 21:19

Isabella really like this but Isabella, Isobel etc feel overdone
Freya don’t love
Alice really like
Mia don’t love. Too many
Grace classic
Sophia classic
Penny don’t love. Penelope is okay though.
Margot don’t love.

CurlewKate · 01/06/2023 21:19

Alice. Or Penelope-shortened to Penny.

OhHeyBabe · 01/06/2023 21:20

Sophia or isabella

Rainbowqueeen · 01/06/2023 21:21

Grace or Penny

They make me think of a sparkly happy full of life person.

Isabella and Sophia are way too popular for me

TracyBeakerSoYeah · 01/06/2023 21:22

Sophia, Margot & Grace

continentallentil · 01/06/2023 21:53

Probably Grace, as I think that’s least overdone as a first name

Otherwise Alice which is overused but a nice classic

Other than Penny the rest are done to death. Penny is quite wet but Penelope is nice.

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 01/06/2023 21:54

Penny or Alice, for me.

Mumofgirls2017 · 01/06/2023 21:54


uncomfortablydumb53 · 01/06/2023 21:56


swedishgirl · 01/06/2023 22:18

They are all lovely names, but my favourites would be


ThatshallotBaby · 01/06/2023 22:19

Margot or Alice

Raeven · 01/06/2023 22:49

Freya, Alice and Grace are my favourites from your list

JamSandle · 01/06/2023 22:56


Flidina · 01/06/2023 22:56

Love Freya, but like the old norse spelling Freyja
Also like Isabella and Grace
Margot seems quite popular at the minute.

ourflagmeansdeath · 01/06/2023 23:08

Isabella - So pretty, I love it
Freya - Gorgeous
Alice - It's nice but a bit plain
Mia - Makes me think of missing in action
Grace - Nice enough but now associated as middle name
Sophia - Lovely but I prefer Sophie
Penny - The only one I actually dislike - it's a bit of a ridiculous name to me
Margot - Gorgeous

Favourites are Isabella, Freya and Margot.

GeraltsBathtub · 01/06/2023 23:11

I would definitely choose Sophia, it would have been my choice for a girl but it’s my niece’s name. I love Grace and Isabella as well. Never been that keen on Mia, Alice or Freya. Margot is ok. Penny is nice as a nickname for Penelope but not as a given name.

Bournetilly · 01/06/2023 23:22

I would choose Margot, it’s a lovely name.
Love Grace and Isabella as middle names but for me they are too popular for first name.

SemperIdem · 01/06/2023 23:32

With the exception of Alice, which is a classic mainstay, they’re all quite dated and tired sounding at the moment.

DramaAlpaca · 01/06/2023 23:40

I love Alice and Isabella.

I don't like Mia and Margot.

I don't love Penny but I adore Penelope.

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