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Anyone from Finland? Aalto for a boy?

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Wrongsideofpennines · 29/05/2023 22:15

We need help with my little boy's middle name.

My husband has spent a little time working with Finnish colleagues and came across the name Aalto. We both really like it and although we aren't Finnish we like the 'wave' meaning as we wanted a water themed middle name.

We know that Aalto is obviously a surname but is it also used as a first name? Or would it be a massive faux pas to use it?

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KirstenBlest · 30/05/2023 20:09

As a middle name, fine, but might be a PITA as a first name - spelling, pronunciation and 'Are you Finnish?'

december2020 · 30/05/2023 20:16

It's a last name, I guess it could work for a middle name especially if you don't live in Finland - so how it's being used outside of Finland wouldn't really make much difference to anyone who isn't aware of its connotations (and Finland has a small population overall so the risk of that is slim).

Finnished · 30/05/2023 20:16

Yes, actually there are Aaltos in Finland: less than 193 men and less than 43 female. You can check it Digi- ja väestötietovirasto ( (Etunimihaku > Hae)
I didn't think it's a first name, it's not to my taste (especially if neither of you is Finnish), but each to their own.

Digi- ja väestötietovirasto

Ahenrybyanyothername · 30/05/2023 20:18

Im not from Finland but I used to know an Alto (rather than aalto) from Finland. He'd be about 70 now but he was a proper adventurer type of guy when I knew him.

Hazelnuttella · 30/05/2023 20:22

If I heard it rather than read it, I would assume it was Alto as in the vocal range, which would be an unusual choice.

Sorry, realised after typing this you were looking for opinions from Finnish people, but here’s mine anyway 😁

Bubblyb00b · 30/05/2023 20:25

Names after Avar Aalto? ))

Bubblyb00b · 30/05/2023 20:25

Alvar, ffs

Wrongsideofpennines · 31/05/2023 06:54

Thank you all for your replies - they've been really helpful. I had wondered if the surnames as first names trend applied here but perhaps not.

We still really love it in the middle spot but think we will go with something else so he has an alternative to his first name. Thank you.

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