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Twin Names!

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buttercup96 · 19/05/2023 17:40


First time mum here expecting twins - a girls and boy. Just wanted some advice on baby names as we are struggling to narrow it down!

For baby girl:
Esme (like es-mee)
Emilia (nn Emmy)

For baby boy:
Nathaniel (nn Nate)
Alexander (nn Xander/ Alex)
Beckett (nn Kit)
Charlie (would want a longer name and charlie as nn, but haven’t found any we like yet!)

Opinions and favourites out of this list, names that pair well together, or any name suggestions that you think go with these.

Also, any middle name suggestions would be great! Love mn that are more unique, but not crazy or two modern. Think along the lines of Blythe for a girl and Beau for a boy.

Thanks so much xxx

OP posts:
ourflagmeansdeath · 19/05/2023 17:58

Congratulations first of all!

Florence - Really pretty and lovely
Clara - Beautiful, I love this
Esme (like es-mee) - So pretty as well
Daisy - It's nice if a bit twee
Stella - Lovely
Emilia (nn Emmy) - I like it but a bit popular and not as nice as the others

Nathaniel (nn Nate) - Love this, Nate is so good too
Alexander (nn Xander/ Alex) - My son is this and I love Alex!
Beckett (nn Kit) - I'm not keen on this
Miles - It's nice enough, not my favourite
Louis - Gorgeous, really lovely
Charlie - It's okay but the only long name I can hink of is Charles.

You have absolutely beautiful names, especially on the girls! My favourite individually from each one is Florence and Alexander (biased obviously lol) and I think those are a really great set too!

Other sets I like:
Clara and Louis (both sound quite regal to me for some reason lol)
Florence and Nathaniel
Esme and Louis

Middle name ideas for boys there's August, Cassius, Rory, Blake, Cole, Jace Dean and Finn if you like any of those. My son's Alexander James but James may be too popular for you.
For girls: Ivory, Ariadne, Isadora, Lyra, Mabel, Lydia, Hope, Bree, Wren and Belle.
If you like any of those for first names too.

Sorry got carried a way a bit and this got a bit long!

ThePersistenceOfMammories · 19/05/2023 18:08

I don’t really like matching initials for twins but I love Clara and Charlie. I don’t think it really matters as both start with a different consonant sound.

Clara Delphine
Charlie Ambrose

JumbleJo · 19/05/2023 18:17

Ah, Xander’s my first choice boy’s name 😀I like Daisy best out of those options.

Luredbyapomegranate · 19/05/2023 19:01

Stella and Miles
Or Clara and Nathaniel

Stella Lois, Miles Corin
Clara Gwyneth, Nathaniel Blaise

quite like Blythe and Beau too

Florence - bit twee
Clara - nice
Esme (like es-mee) - done to death
Daisy - very twee
Stella - fab
Emilia (nn Emmy) - done to death

For baby boy:
Nathaniel (nn Nate) - great
Alexander (nn Xander/ Alex) - nice but being overused
Beckett (nn Kit) - weird. Christopher nn Kit is nice though. Or Kester.
Miles - great
Louis - wet and a bit overdone
Charlie (would want a longer name and charlie as nn, but haven’t found any we like yet!) - overused. I don’t think anything works other than Charles

TwoManyKids · 19/05/2023 19:04

Please don't call a baby Kester!

midsomermurderess · 19/05/2023 19:09

Stella and Alexander, nn Sasha.

user3199 · 19/05/2023 20:10

My choice would be:
Florence and Nathaniel or
Florence and Alexander

The only name I really dislike is Beckett.

DuchessOfSausage · 19/05/2023 20:32

Florence - ok
Clara - don't like
Esme (like es-mee) - not sure
Daisy - ok
Stella - nice
Emilia (nn Emmy) - not sure, too long, too similar to Amelia

Nathaniel (nn Nate) - too long, don't like Nate
Alexander (nn Xander/ Alex) - like, don't like Xander
Beckett (nn Kit) - dreadful
Miles - like
Louis - ok
Charlie (would want a longer name and charlie as nn, but haven’t found any we like yet!) - like, Charles.

Stella and Charlie/Miles/Alex

KayEmAy · 19/05/2023 20:47

Immediately LOVE the sound of Kit and Daisy!

mn ideas for your list:

Florence Esme
Florence Rebecca
Florence Cassidy

Clara Celine nn Cici if she likes
Clara Annalise
Clara Genevieve

Esme Taylor
Esme Catharina
Esme Sarah

Daisy Jane
Daisy Quinn
Daisy Harlow

Stella Whitney
Stella Bailey
Stella Eve

Emilia Nicolette
Emilia Lacey
Emilia Remi

Nathanial Reid
Nathanial Brooks

Alexander Gideon
Alexander Rhys

Beckett Stiles
Beckett Carter (also Kit Carter sounds awesome)

Miles Luca
Miles Roman

Louis Mason
Louis Everett

Can't think of many more than Charleston but maybe a first/middle combo?
Something like ...

Cameron Harley
Conrad Harley
Channing Riley

Other ideas you may like based on these:

Dawson Isaac
Emmett Cole
Adam Beckett
Neil Cameron
Conrad Elliot
Dorian Milo nn Rory
Landon Wilder nn Andy
Perry Malcolm
Holden Grant
Evan Ezra

Hailey Annika
Belle Madalyn
Olive Emilia nn Liv, Olly
Eden Esme
Gemma Grace nn Gigi
Mae Josette
Felicity Nora
Natalie Claire
Abigail Luna nn Abby
Phoebe Sloane

Mumofgirls2017 · 19/05/2023 21:18

I like Daisy best, also Clara and Florence
boys Alexander, quite like Louis


alexander and florence
nathaniel and emilia
louis and clara
charlie and daisy
beckett and stella
miles and daisy

middle name ideas:



Theoldwoman · 20/05/2023 01:56

Stella Kate
Louis Benjamin

Groutyonehereagain · 20/05/2023 02:05

I love Alexander ♥️ I think something traditional like Rebecca, Emma, Anna, goes well with Alexander.

Remaker · 20/05/2023 02:25

I like your girls names except Esme (don’t like the sound of it) and Emilia as she will be forever correcting people it’s not Amelia.

I like your boys names except Beckett.

Personally I don’t see the point of mn unless it has meaning. I enjoyed going through our family trees to see the names that popped up.

user1492757084 · 20/05/2023 02:39

Combos I love, inspired by your post:

Alexander Bligh
Alexander Beckett
Alexander Louis
Alexander Charles
Charles Louis
Charles Bligh
Charles Beckett
Charles Alexander

Daisy Florence
Daisy Blythe
Daisy Camilla
Stella Isabeau
Stella Clarissa
Stella Blythe
Celia Charlotte
Stella Bonnie
Maisie Florence

Alexander Bligh and Daisy Florence
Charles Bligh and Stella Isabeau
Charles Louis and Daisy Blythe
Alexander Charles and Celia Florence

octoberfarm · 20/05/2023 02:55

I love Clara and Beckett (I'd go with Beck as a nn, but Kit is lovely too - I think it's just the difference in spelling of the "kit" sound across the two words that throws me).

Clara and Alexander are lovely too - beautiful and classic names.

Dazedandbemused0 · 20/05/2023 04:23

For baby girl:
Florence - Lovely
Clara - Lovely
Esme (like es-mee) - I like the sound but it’s got a bit of a ‘chavvy’ feel these days having been so overused
Daisy - Lovely
Stella - Lovely
Emilia (nn Emmy)- it’s okay

For baby boy:
Nathaniel (nn Nate) - Lovely
Alexander (nn Xander/ Alex) - Lovely
Beckett (nn Kit) - Dislike
Miles - Lovely
Louis - Lovely
Charlie (would want a longer name and charlie as nn, but haven’t found any we like yet!) - Dislike

I think the names that sound best together are:
Miles and Daisy
Miles and Stella
Louis and Clara
Florence and Nathaniel
Florence and Alexander

Teawithnosugarplease · 20/05/2023 16:24

Florence - Lovely. I like Florrie as a nn.
Clara - Absolutely love this! Would have been the chosen name for DC4 if he'd been a girl.
Esme - I like, but prefer the Ez-may pronunciation.
Daisy - Lovely.
Stella - Not so keen, but that's just because it reminds me of a grumpy old lady I once knew.
Emilia - I love this, and was always on my shortlist.

Nathaniel - I prefer Nathan.
Alexander - I like. Particularly love Xander.
Beckett - dislike, but Kit is okay.
Miles - It's okay.
Louis - I like this.
Charlie - I really like, and think it's fine as an independent name.

I think my favourite combination would be Clara and Louis.
I also think Emilia and Alexander would flow well together.

Ideas for middle names -

Florence Eliza
Clara Eloise
Esme Antonia
Daisy Willow
Stella Rhian
Emilia Primrose

Nathaniel James
Alexander Ellis
Beckett Francis
Miles Elliott
Louis William
Charlie Rhys

Pinkyhere · 20/05/2023 20:11

Congratulations! Liked all your names
I would choose
Emmy and Nate lovely names with longer versions for versatility.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 21/05/2023 23:59

Alexander and Esmae
Arthur and Florence
Nathaniel and Martha
Vincent and Eliza

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