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Chickensoupforyoursoul · 16/05/2023 19:23

What does everyone think of this name?
We gad it picked out until someone put us off but I had My heart set on it

OP posts:
Mummy08m · 16/05/2023 19:25

I prefer Miles.

Snoopystick · 16/05/2023 19:25

It’s lovely but also prefer Miles spelling

PurpleChrayne · 16/05/2023 19:27

Dreadful. I'm not a fan of units of measurement for names. The "y" spelling makes it even worse.

JaneJeffer · 16/05/2023 19:28

I like it. Don't like the Miles spelling.

Smashingwatermelons · 16/05/2023 19:29

I know a toddler Miles - lovely name !

SallyWD · 16/05/2023 19:29

I like Miles

JaneJeffer · 16/05/2023 19:29

@PurpleChrayne it's an ancient name not a measurement

moggerhanger · 16/05/2023 19:32

The name Miles is nice, but with Myles, the poor lad will forever be correcting people's spelling of it.

Newnamenewname109870 · 16/05/2023 19:33

It’s a perfectly nice name! Don’t doubt yourself.

JaneJeffer · 16/05/2023 19:34

moggerhanger · 16/05/2023 19:32

The name Miles is nice, but with Myles, the poor lad will forever be correcting people's spelling of it.

I would automatically spell it with a Y.

GeraltsBathtub · 16/05/2023 19:35

I don’t love it but the spelling Miles is better. I prefer Milo.

Mummy08m · 16/05/2023 19:36

There's also Giles which is underused. I taught a lovely student called Giles once.

Jemimapuddleduk · 16/05/2023 19:37

Absolutely love it!! Prefer sp miles, nickname Milo x

Luredbyapomegranate · 16/05/2023 20:02

I really like it, and the spelling.

He will have to correct it from Miles a bit.

PickledScrump · 16/05/2023 20:30

I prefer Miles

Blip · 16/05/2023 20:52

Howabout Moyle

ComeTheFuckOnBridgett · 16/05/2023 20:54

I don't love it.

ourflagmeansdeath · 16/05/2023 21:29

It's nice enough but not my favourite. Don't really have a specific preference with the Miles/Myles thing but where I am Miles is more popular although it isn't as if Myles would raise a ton of eyebrows.

AsphaltGirl · 16/05/2023 21:31

I don't think this thread is for me, because I think that Myles, Miles, Giles and Milo are all laughably awful.

halfsiesonapotnoodle · 16/05/2023 21:35

Like it and prefer the Myles spelling. Go for it OP!

Liv999 · 17/05/2023 06:23

Sorry OP but I think it's really terrible, doesn't matter which way it's spelt, Milo is even worse

Chickensoupforyoursoul · 17/05/2023 07:14

Ok thanks all. Any other suggestions similar?

OP posts:
SadCelticBunny · 17/05/2023 09:12

Having met several men and boys called Miles who are all lovely, I really like it.


I think the names above all have a similar feel to Miles,

Berlinlover · 17/05/2023 09:16

I’ve only ever seen this name spelled as Myles, I wasn’t even aware there was a Miles version.

Zola1 · 17/05/2023 09:18

Hate it...but I've known one who was horrendous

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