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Baby names

Dilemma over same choice of girl's name

7 replies

skyscooter · 18/02/2008 13:16

Our first baby due any day now and having a bit of a dilemma over a girl's name (don't know if it'll be boy or girl). Feel a bit silly posting this but it's starting to get to me a bit - please bear with me. For ages dh and I have loved the name Zoe. Back in the summer a uni friend told me about another friend (who I'm not that close to any more, and have been out of touch with for ages) whose wife was also pregnant. I texted him to say congratulations and he replied with the same. Then he announced a month ago that they'd had a baby girl called Zoe. Now I'm agonising over whether we can still use this name if we have a girl, and how he'd feel about it. We're unlikely to see them, or not very often, as we're not that close and they live quite far away. And it's not as if we copied them, but I don't want to make things awkward. If it was a closer friend I would feel differently and choose another name but under the circumstances I just feel that the name is not that unusual and it is up to us what we call our child.

Would be interesting to hear people's thoughts on this.

Of course after all this it could be a boy!

OP posts:

oliviaelanasmum · 18/02/2008 13:18

Go for Zoe (well , only for a girl ) If you are not that close to them it wont matter


belgo · 18/02/2008 13:18

don't worry about it. Call her Zoë if you like the name and have a girl.


Anna8888 · 18/02/2008 13:21

Call your baby Zoë if you want to - it's a lovely name - my mother's first name and my daughter's middle name.


pollyblue · 18/02/2008 14:58

I agreed with the others, if Zoe is your first choice for a girl then stick with it. I love the name too, I've a cousin called Zoe and she's fab. You can always tell them you share the same excellent taste! But if you're only likely to see them once in a blue moon i really wouldn't worry about it.


MamaG · 18/02/2008 14:59

I agree with everybody else!


kevinsmother · 18/02/2008 15:08

Go for it, its not as if you made the name up. Great name. Good luck x


MAMAZON · 18/02/2008 15:09

when he text with the name you should have replied that it was lovely and just what you had intended to use for your own baby if you have a girl.

then IF youhave a girl use it. it doesn't matter how he feels about you using it, its not an exclusive name anyone is free to use it.

including a prolific Mner for her utterly gorgeous DD

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