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JosieK8 · 21/04/2023 08:23

Looking for a name that represents Egyptian, French and British roots. Loujane (usually spelled Loujain I believe) means silver in Arabic. Could be shortened to Lou which is a popular name in France. What do you think a British person would make if it?

OP posts:
LysHastighed · 21/04/2023 08:26

It’s a nice sound but I would use the transliteration Loujain to avoid people thinking it’s Lou-Jane.

RoamingToaster · 21/04/2023 08:28

I think the Loujain spelling is nicer.

Purplecatshopaholic · 21/04/2023 08:28

I quite like it, but use the original spelling otherwise you run the risk of people thinking you have ‘cut and shut’ two names together for whatever reason.

ShoesoftheWorld · 21/04/2023 08:31

LysHastighed · 21/04/2023 08:26

It’s a nice sound but I would use the transliteration Loujain to avoid people thinking it’s Lou-Jane.

Absolutely this. Reading the thread title I did wonder who would combine Louise and Jane in that manner and why.

Is it pronounced sort of Lou-zhan (I mean a very soft 'j')?

StillWantingADog · 21/04/2023 08:32

loujane looks like you’ve fixed Lou and Jane together

Loujain is better, assume it’s a boy’s name?
Is it pronounced loo-jan? But a softer j like in French?

ComeTheFuckOnBridgett · 21/04/2023 08:33

I feel like you've shoved two names together and I know a lot of Louise and Jane's so it puts me off but it's not hideous.

CorvusPurpureus · 21/04/2023 08:54

I teach in Egypt - have met Loujains, Logines, Lojines & variations thereof! It's a soft French sounding j sound. The 'ou' isn't quite a long 'oo' - more like 'u' in 'usual', with the emphasis on the last syllable.

Sort of 'luh-ZHINE'.

I like it.

Alleysonne · 21/04/2023 08:59

Might it get changed to Loo Drain in the playground?

TomatoSandwiches · 21/04/2023 09:01

I like it, especially with the Loujain spelling, however it has potential to sound very Billy Bob Jr as well, especially in the UK.

ZoyaTheDestroyer · 21/04/2023 09:21

Loujain is lovely. Please use this spelling rather than Loujane.

Blaueblumen · 21/04/2023 13:33

Loujane sounds different to Loujain. What pronunciation are you looking for?

ArnoldBee · 21/04/2023 13:34

Have you watched Dubai bling - there are 2 on there.

mumonherphone · 21/04/2023 13:52

My first thought was that you had tried to combine Louise and Jane until I read the explanation.

shoopshoopdedoo · 21/04/2023 16:52

I like Loujain

ourflagmeansdeath · 21/04/2023 17:27

I dislike it, it looks like Lou and Jane together as others have said.

SoupDragon · 21/04/2023 17:33

I think Loujain is far better as it doesn't look like two names stuck together to create one ugly one.

Mimilamore · 21/04/2023 18:36

It is a beautiful name, when pronounced the French way. Children at school will not change, they are super accepting, it's the parents' dislike/ disapproval they pick up on. Every other baby on MN would be called Thomas or Elizabeth in case the child had the temerity to become PM or a senior civil servant😉
Both names perfectly pleasant but please can we think outside the box sometimes 🤔

JosieK8 · 22/04/2023 21:45

Yes that’s it. That’s so helpful thank you. I’m looking for a name a bit more original than Hana/Sofia that so many mixed girls I know are called

OP posts:
villamariavintrapp · 22/04/2023 21:52

Hadn't heard of it till Dubai Bling, but quite like it.

JosieK8 · 22/04/2023 21:55

Thank you. I think I need to watch that series now 🤭

OP posts:
Luredbyapomegranate · 23/04/2023 12:36

LysHastighed · 21/04/2023 08:26

It’s a nice sound but I would use the transliteration Loujain to avoid people thinking it’s Lou-Jane.

This exactly

Lou-Jane / Loujane is dire - it’s like WAGS meets Appalachians

Loujain is fine

Sleepyandconfused · 23/04/2023 13:01

My first thought was that you’d made up a name merging two names (Lou and Jane, obviously) which makes me not like it very much based on that alone.

Daisybuttercup12345 · 25/04/2023 23:41

People will call her Lou Jane.

BillyNoM8s · 26/04/2023 00:02

Please don't butcher the spelling of an Arabic name. Lojain, Lujain or Loujain is how it's typically spelt.

The "Lu" part is short letter than the English pronunciation. The J is softer. It isn't pronounced LouJane (which is awful).

Yasmin, Yasmeen, Leyla, Nourah, Hanan and Jaina are also options, I think?

DiscoBeat · 26/04/2023 00:13

I'm not keen on Lou or Jane and it's even worse stuck together imo!

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