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Need Help With Changing Baby Name

14 replies

Princessstefanie · 12/04/2023 15:13

We were so indecisive on a baby girl name we didn’t name her for a month. I relented and agreed with partner to call her Winter because of the pressure. My main problem with it is its quite harsh sounding and the only nick name really available for it is winnie (which i really don’t like). I really like Willa it’s sounds more whimsical. We also discussed changing it to Aurelia but it’s gotten really really popular on the charts so don’t want her to be in school with 5 aurelia’s. Should we change it to Willa or stick with Winter? Also if we did keep it as Willa should we keep winter as a middle name? Her current middle name is Maeve after my nan mavis.

OP posts:
CastleTower · 12/04/2023 15:29

You should use whatever name you feel most comfortable with. Have you tried calling her Willa/Aurelia a bit to see which feels better?

That said, I don't think there's one name that's objectively best here.

Aurelia was given to 0.8%, so less than one in a thousand. There's basically no chance of her being one of five in a class, so don't discount it just for that reason.

KirstenBlest · 12/04/2023 15:48

I'm not keen on any of the names you mentioned, but I like Winnie and Willow has grown on me.
Willa is too similar to Willy, and Aurelia (Aur-ail-ya/Aur-ail-ee-a/Aur-eelia/Aur-eel-ee-a?) too complicated and frilly.

barca123 · 12/04/2023 16:00

Both lovely! Change it if it feels right Xx

TidyDancer · 12/04/2023 16:09

Could you reverse the names and go for Maeve Winter? Maeve is beautiful so it would seem the most obvious solution.

Princessstefanie · 12/04/2023 16:16

As much as i like maeve I prefer it for a middle name x

OP posts:
ClaraThePigeon · 12/04/2023 16:34

I'd stick with Winter. It's much nicer than Willa which has an unattractive sound. I find it much more harsh than Winter.

RosaSkye · 12/04/2023 16:37

I’m just here to say I personally love Winter Maeve!

I’d call her Win , but you could always just use her full name.

I vote don’t change, if you must I’d be tempted to just go for Maeve Winter

RosaSkye · 12/04/2023 16:42

Sorry, I have just seen you don’t like Maeve as a first

Willow Maeve is nicer than Willa Maeve to my ear, but I prefer Winter

RuthW · 12/04/2023 18:06

Winter is nicer than Willa. You could always stick with winter and use Willa as a nick name.

Princessstefanie · 12/04/2023 18:22

Do you think that would make sense?

OP posts:
whatalovelydayontheintergoodlord · 12/04/2023 18:25

Winter is nicer than Willa imo

RosaSkye · 12/04/2023 18:44

If you really want to call her Willa I think I’d change it, I just can’t see it as a natural nickname to Winter- not enough shared sounds I don’t think (although of course people call their children all sorts which aren’t related to their Christian name)

Luredbyapomegranate · 12/04/2023 20:57

I don’t think Aurelia is any more popular than Winter really? They are both quite of the moment but Aurelia is more of an established name. Personally I would change to that if you’re having doubts, you are less likely to regret it long term. Winter is very faddy.

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 13/04/2023 15:23

Willa winter would sound terrible together. I think I prefer winter to Willa.

Terri could also work as a nickname or Win.

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