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Baby names


11 replies

lemonstartree · 13/02/2008 19:36

I know (of) two little boys called Indy and am wondering if it is a shortening of Indiana (after Jones) or a name in it sown right .... Anyone called their son (or daughter) Indy ?

OP posts:

cornsilk · 13/02/2008 19:37

Never heard of it - apart from the film of course. You're not contemplating choosing it are you?


PrincessPeaHead · 13/02/2008 19:39

I know a little girl called India who is always called Indy

Don't think it works for a boy IMO


nickytwotimes · 13/02/2008 19:39

It is a bit girly imho. Sorry!


cornsilk · 13/02/2008 19:40

hmm, yes it would be nice for a girl.


devonsmummy · 13/02/2008 20:52

my mums dogs called indy - a female


fingerwoman · 13/02/2008 20:56

I quite like it actually. though it does make me think of the independent.
don't think it's particularly girly either.

have no idea re: shortenings though


chankins · 13/02/2008 20:57

I quite like it for either actually.


HonoriaGlossop · 13/02/2008 21:17

I think Robert Downey Jr's son is called Indio

I like it


bluefox · 13/02/2008 21:31

I know of an Indy (boy)- a shortened form of the name Inderjit.


pigleychez · 17/02/2008 12:02

I used to baby sit a little boy called Indy ( short for Indiana but had never been called that)

Unusual name but sweet


Disenchanted · 17/02/2008 12:04

No, dont like it for a boy.

Sounds more like a girls name, but still dont like it for a girl.

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