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Girls name (due in a few weeks)

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Baby4due2023 · 01/04/2023 13:43

I have 3 boys and currently pregnant with my first girl and naming her is proving to be extremely difficult. I thought it was hard for boys but I actually had my boys name picked this time before we found out the gender (which was a long time ago now) Iv never been this far along in my pregnancy and still not decided a name so to say I’m stressing is an understatement. I just don’t want to regret it.

so for a while now our choice was Hattie, but I can’t help think about the other names I really like.

my list is
and Daphne

what are peoples thoughts? My partner wants Hattie like originally decided but something just doesn’t feel 100 percent even tho I do really like it

OP posts:
Theoldwoman · 01/04/2023 14:20

I love Beatrice from your list, but prefer Beatrix.

Definitely not Goldie.

I love:


17caterpillars1mouse · 01/04/2023 14:30

I quite like your names but personally would want a longer, more formal name incase they don't want a cutsy ie name as an adult (I don't think i would like it)

Hattie - love Hattie as a shortening for Harriet or Henrietta. Also like Hettie

Goldie - I love Marigold and Goldie would be a cute nn

Hazel - nice enough, just not for me

Beatrice - like but prefer Beatrix as it has more spark

Winnie the witch - dds love these books so this is what i think of first. Cute as a shortening for Winter or Winnifred

Daphne - not a fan. Too scooby doo for me

Twoinapod · 01/04/2023 15:46

I like Hattie but would go for Harriet nn Hattie.

Beatrice is ok, prefer Beatrix though, nn Bea is lovely.

Daphne is ok.

I don’t like the others

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz · 01/04/2023 15:47

Goldie is the perfect name for a fish. Marigold is a lovely name.

Hattie is the best on your list.

LiquoriceAllsorts2 · 01/04/2023 16:14

Hattie is great but would probably go with Harriet formally and then use Hattie

Viviennemary · 01/04/2023 16:16

Hattie don't like
Goldie dire
Hazel really like
Beatrice ok
Winnie not keen
Daphne don't like

PennyPencils · 01/04/2023 16:42

Ah I LOVE Winnie so much.
I've just had a baby and actually secretly regret not using this one.

MerryChristmasToYou · 01/04/2023 17:06

Hattie short for Harriet is lovely.

Baby4due2023 · 01/04/2023 18:36

I wouldn’t have Hattie short for Harriet her name would be Hattie.

I think we will have to wait to see what she looks like which I really didn’t want to do as I think you can feel under pressure then to pick a name quickly and then regret it later on

OP posts:
Baby4due2023 · 01/04/2023 18:37

What did you go with?

OP posts:
Baby4due2023 · 01/04/2023 18:37

@PennyPencils what did you go with?

(sorry for posting twice not very good at this lol)

OP posts:
user1492757084 · 02/04/2023 06:05

Inspired from your list I like ..

Harriet Winsome - Hattie or Harty or Winnie
Beatrix Daphne - Trixie or Bea

Mumofgirls2017 · 03/04/2023 07:13

Hazel or Daphne!

brieandcrackers · 03/04/2023 18:39

Goldie would be lovely for a little one but I just can’t picture a middle-aged woman with that name. Hattie also strikes me as best suited to a little girl but it is a very sweet name!

Hazel would be my choice from your list - just timeless and lovely.

Congratulations on your imminent arrival 🙂

miniaturepixieonacid · 03/04/2023 23:56

Hattie - like as a nickname but can't see it as a standalone name.
Goldie - possibly as a cute nickname when very small but otherwise I wouldn't.
Hazel - like it.
Beatrice - quite like it. Bea is a cute nn.
Winnie - really don't like this. It's the noise a horse makes.
Daphne - like it.

I think I'd go with Hazel as you don't want to use Harriet as a full name for Hattie.

Thisgirlcan21 · 04/04/2023 00:13

Hattie or Beatrice

ourflagmeansdeath · 04/04/2023 19:55

Hattie - Not for me
Goldie - I know a Goldie! Think it's quite sweet
Hazel - Love Hazel. So beautiful
Beatrice - Same as Hazel. Like Tris for a nickname too
Winnie - Hmm not for me. Too babyish
Daphne - Bridgerton!! It's quite soft sounding, I like it

Favourites are Hazel and Beatrice.

HuggingtheHRT · 04/04/2023 20:05

Hazel is lovely. As is Beatrice (nn Bea)

ElizaSkye · 04/04/2023 20:34

I love Goldie!

also like Beatrice and just Bea.


Luredbyapomegranate · 04/04/2023 21:51

I don’t think you can possibly know for sure till you see her, so it’s only going to be a shortlist

I like Beatrice from your list

Daphne and Hazel are alright

I am not keen on little girl nns like Hattie and Winnie as full names personally

Goldie - I’d put that down to hormones OP. You aren’t having a retriever. Step away. Greta perhaps?

Katherine nn Kitty
Elizabeth or Lisbeth nn Lizbie / Buffy

LilacSloth · 04/04/2023 21:57

From your list I like Hazel best. Not that fond of Hattie. How about Hebe?

Mummyof287 · 04/04/2023 22:14

When she is here you will probably find it will click into place! I debated so many but never felt final til they arrived....out of your choices I like Hattie best, but Beatrice is also sweet.

Baby4due2023 · 04/04/2023 23:05

There is such a mix of peoples preferred names from my list on here I don’t know if it’s helped or made it worse haha
with my sons the latest I had picked a name was 30 weeks, I’m hoping it comes to me when she is born I don’t want to pick a name because I’m rushed and then later regret it. We shall see eek

OP posts:
Baby4due2023 · 04/04/2023 23:06

@Luredbyapomegranate lol I actually do really like Goldie

OP posts:
mumonherphone · 07/04/2023 10:52

Not Hattie or Goldie. I like Harriet but don't think Hattie works on it's own, same for Goldie it just seems like a nickname and not a full name, sorry. For some reason I don't feel the same about Winnie and think it could work on it's own.

Hazel and Beatrice are perfectly nice names but I think Daphne is my favourite by a mile, love it!

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