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Cassiehopes · 22/03/2023 05:07

How do you pronounce Antonia?

  • An-ton-yuh (with the second syllable having a short ‘o’ sound)
  • An-Tony-uh
  • An-toh-niya

Or some other way?

Do you like it?
OP posts:
Lemonandorange · 22/03/2023 05:09

Third pronunciation, lovely name

CobraChicken · 22/03/2023 05:12

The second way (and yes, it's a nice name.)

LindorDoubleChoc · 22/03/2023 05:17

Anne tone ee uh.

Lovely name. Are you quite posh? I think of it as a posh one.

NoHeavenNoMore · 22/03/2023 05:44

I love this name. I want to be called Antonia

useitorlose · 22/03/2023 05:45

Second one. I wouldn't use it though because xh is called Anthony!

ApolloandDaphne · 22/03/2023 05:59

The second one is how I would pronounce it. Maybe more Ann tone yuh

D0t · 22/03/2023 06:06

Anne tone ee uh.

very cool name

D0t · 22/03/2023 06:07

Anne tone ee Ah

LadyWithLapdog · 22/03/2023 06:07

Gorgeous name. My niece is Uhn-to-nee-ya with all sounds equally stressed.

SquigglePigs · 22/03/2023 07:01

I'm struggling a bit with the difference between two and three in your examples but it's a lovely name. I'd say it An-tone-ee-ah which I think is your third one basically?

Xarrie · 22/03/2023 07:54

Third one but I really dislike it. Toni isn't a great nn

Santasoorplooms · 22/03/2023 07:58


don’t like it but only because I associate it with a nasty bully I went to school with a hundred years ago.

Lovelyring · 22/03/2023 07:59


Yea I like it.

Twoinapod · 22/03/2023 09:03

An-toe-knee-ah very slight stress in the toe. Not a fan of it though.

LadybirdDaphne · 22/03/2023 09:17

Lovely name, it was on my shortlist for DD

MissHavershamReturns · 22/03/2023 09:19

Love it pronounce as Ann TOE ni uh

AppleCrumbleIceCreamDream · 22/03/2023 09:20

Ann - Toe - knee - uh
It's my name and that's how I pronounce it

KnickerlessParsons · 22/03/2023 11:07


Pemba · 22/03/2023 11:13

The second one, that is the English language pronunciation I thought?

Have heard the 3rd one (An-toh-NIYA) in an opera, they were singing in French.

RuthW · 22/03/2023 15:42

Second one

Radiatorvalves · 22/03/2023 15:44

I like it. I hate Toni though. But none of the Antonia’s I know shorten it.

Radiatorvalves · 22/03/2023 15:45

Ant oh knee ah

on toh neeya (in France)

Pseudonamed · 22/03/2023 16:31

Hate the name as know a horrible HORRIBLE person with that name.


Thedarkestblue · 22/03/2023 16:34

LindorDoubleChoc · 22/03/2023 05:17

Anne tone ee uh.

Lovely name. Are you quite posh? I think of it as a posh one.

This sound.

And I love it!

ourflagmeansdeath · 22/03/2023 18:19

Second one, think it's a beautiful name. The actress who plays Ginny in Ginny&Georgia is called Antonia and goes by Toni which I also quite like. 😊

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