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Baby names

What do you think of Robin? And even if you like it, would it be odd for us to use it?

38 replies

MuffinMclay · 12/02/2008 13:28

To put this in context, it was FIL's name. MIL, GMIL would be thrilled if we used it.

I don't mind it (although I prefer it as a girl's name, Robyn). I hate any abbreviations of it (like Rob) though.

But part of me thinks it is a bit unlucky (FIL died of cancer in his '50s). Plus, it is the name of dh's boss, and he feels it would be weird going into work and announcing the baby's name both to said boss and to colleagues, given that it is quite unusual.

OP posts:

MyEye · 12/02/2008 13:31

I like Robin, so cheerful and unusual

As you only 'don't mind it', don't use it as a first name though -- middle would be fine but you have to love the first name don't you?


Kathyis6incheshigh · 12/02/2008 13:33

I love Robin - it was on my shortlist but some close friends of dh's called their son Robin so I was not allowed it

We did call our son after (deceased) FIL and I think that's nice from every perspective. I wouldn't worry about it being the boss's name - as you have a good family reason for it, it's not like anyone is going to think your dh is sucking up to his boss!


edam · 12/02/2008 13:36

Agree, use it as a middle name - ds has both his grandads' names between first and surname.

Robin is a pet form of Robert, anyway. OK, people use short forms as proper names these days, but funny to object to abbreviations when you are using one in the first place.


EffiePerine · 12/02/2008 13:38

I like it and don't think it's too unusual (and not too common either). I know one baby Robin


WigWamBam · 12/02/2008 13:38

I think you need to choose a name which you love, not one which you don't mind. It might thrill your MIL but it has to thrill you, too.

Plus it seems to be seen pretty much as a girl's name these days, which might mean he gets a bit of stick for it.

Middle name maybe?


PortAndLemon · 12/02/2008 13:40

I like Robin. But if you only "don't mind" it, it's probably better as a middle name and finding something you both love as a first name.


mrsruffallo · 12/02/2008 13:42

I prefer it as a girls name but I think it works for a boy.


mrsruffallo · 12/02/2008 13:43

Just read the boss bit of you op-that could be uncomfortable


LadyOfWaffle · 12/02/2008 13:44

I always think of it as a girls name (had a Robin/Robyn? in our year at school), but it's definatly a good boys name


marina · 12/02/2008 13:46

Bonny sweet Robin, was all my joy

I think it is a lovely name and it was on our long list for dd, had she been a boy


littleboo · 12/02/2008 13:47

I love Robin as a boy or girls name


edam · 12/02/2008 13:48

I wouldn't be worried about the boss though. All your dh needs to say is 'after my father'. Plus he won't be working for the same man for the rest of his life.


oops · 12/02/2008 13:49

Message withdrawn


Ledodgy · 12/02/2008 13:49

I think it's nice as long as your surname isn't Banks.


MuffinMclay · 12/02/2008 14:03

I don't think it can be a middle name for us - all or nothing. SIL used it as a middle name for one of her dcs and this caused some upset to MIL. It reeked a bit of a token gesture rather than liking the name

I'm not naming the child for MIL's benefit (heaven forbid!) btw, but family feelings would have to be taken into account in the context of this name.

OP posts:

MyEye · 12/02/2008 14:06

in that case, if you only 'don't mind it', I'd choose something else


AdamAnt · 12/02/2008 14:09

Robin is a lovely name. I know a gorgeous Robin...Mmmmmm


verylittlecarrot · 12/02/2008 14:20


I love robin
but I did used to go out with a 'banks'


CantSleepWontSleep · 13/02/2008 21:21

Do you and dh agree on it? If so, given your previous attempts to agree on a name, and the fact that he will be here any day, then go for it!

I have actually suggested Robyn as a girl possibility to dh, but promise to remove it from my list forthwith if you select it!

No sign of labour yet I take it?


moljam · 13/02/2008 21:24

robin is my ds2 middle name.ds1 chose his first name and as the middle name we had planned for him seemed 'too big' for him dd chose robin as middle name.i love it.


bluefox · 13/02/2008 21:34

One of dds friends is called Robin. It really suits him and is a lovely name.


Bink · 13/02/2008 21:40

My fantasy boy/girl twins (I'm too old to have any more now, so they won't happen & dh's inability to pronounce the girl's name it doesn't matter) are Robin and Catriona.


TheFallenMadonna · 13/02/2008 21:43

I think it's a lovely name. Much prefer it for a boy then a girl.


TheFallenMadonna · 13/02/2008 21:43

Than a girl.

A boy then a girl would just be confusing...


lemonstartree · 14/02/2008 08:57

Lovely name - uncommon but everyone 'knows' it; easy to spell ! Would have used it for one of my boys but our surname has a lot of 'n's so it didn't sound right

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