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Are Max and Maya too similar?

8 replies

Ani57 · 17/03/2023 15:17

For sibling names, not twins! Other options at the moment are Zara, Poppy, Rosie … we can’t agree on many!

OP posts:
Whatames · 17/03/2023 15:19

We have similar tastes as I have a Maya and a Rosie! I like Max and Maya together. Would you have more then 2 as you might get locked into M initials?

user1492757084 · 17/03/2023 15:29

Max and Maya sound great.

The M initial would not be a problem with mail as one would be Mr M and the other Miss M.
I like your other ideas too... all lovely.

Got2besoon · 17/03/2023 15:37

Makes me think of Max Mara, the clothing brand

Longdarkcloud · 17/03/2023 15:41

I don’t think they’re too close. Have the same style, which is nice

KirstenBlest · 17/03/2023 17:11

A bit too matchy-matchy.

Eminybob · 17/03/2023 17:12

I know siblings called Max and Mia and I think it's nice to have the alliteration. The mum refers to them as M&M

Sadiegirl87 · 17/03/2023 17:14

I like Max and Maya, it actually flows well together and if you like the name go for it

ourflagmeansdeath · 17/03/2023 17:58

Max and Maya is fine, I don't think same initals are always an issue when they sound different and I know an Isabel and Isaac who are fine together. If you love the name Maya, then go for it as it's a much lovelier name then Zara, Poppy and Rosie. From those I like Rosie and dislike Zara and Poppy. But Maya is my fav

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