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What do you think of Finley for a boy??? would it date?

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mummyloveslucy · 11/02/2008 19:30

Just wondered what people thought of the name Finley, would it date and is it common? I usually like more traditional names. I really like Oliver too.

OP posts:
rantinghousewife · 11/02/2008 19:32

It's not the sort of name I'm keen on but, I do actually know a boy called Finley and another called Finn.
If you like it, go for it.

Greensleeves · 11/02/2008 19:32

ds2's best friend is called Finley. I love it, but that's partly because the Finley we know is adorable.

lailasmum · 11/02/2008 19:33

I really like the name we nearly chose it but have found that its getting so popular in our local area that ever third boy will be called finley. Its the same with eve/evie for a grl. Not sure why.

MAMAZON · 11/02/2008 19:34

there is a boy i used to work with (will be about 17 now) called Finnley but is known as Finn.

i really liked it and it really suited him, he was blonde blue eyes and very good looking boy.

kittywise · 11/02/2008 19:34

There are an awful lot of them around.
Yes i think it would date

singyswife · 11/02/2008 19:34

Think forward to him going for an interview of you can see him introducing himself as Finley without it sounding silly then it is good. I like it!

PersonalClown · 11/02/2008 19:34

My brother friends son (got that?!) is called Finlay but I like it. Same reasons as Greeny actually! He's adorable.

Ecmo · 11/02/2008 19:34

I know of one finley who is 6, same as my ds and also a Fin who is nearly 2. I think its a nice name, quite modern, will be around for a while i think, not very common thou.

Wallace · 11/02/2008 19:38

I'd go for the Finlay spelling

littlerach · 11/02/2008 19:40

Dd2 has 2 friends called Finley.
And one called Finn.
Another called Flynn.

ceebee74 · 11/02/2008 19:41

I love it - I have a 2 month old nephew spelt Finlay (which I do prefer) who is of course totally scrummy.

However, my brother was telling me that last year it was the 50th most popular Scottish boys name but this year it had gone up to the 13th most popular so I think it is getting more and more common.

Still a very lovely name though

mummyloveslucy · 11/02/2008 19:43

I really like the name too. What about Oliver? Which do you prefere?

OP posts:
jezzemx · 11/02/2008 19:43

Love it !!!
A girl I know has called her little boy this name and he really suits it !!! he and the name are gorgeous.

Wisteria · 11/02/2008 19:44

wasn't there a singer Finlay Quayle? I love it but may be very popular. Finn won't date though, it's been around for eons.

I love Oliver - my dp is oliver/ oli as was an ex bf who was well scrummy

Wisteria · 11/02/2008 19:44

i meant db, not dp.....

Waswondering · 11/02/2008 19:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ja9 · 11/02/2008 19:46

Finlay is quite popular where i am ( central scotland) dd (almost 1yo) would have been Finn if she was a boy.

hunkermunker · 11/02/2008 19:46

Finlay a nicer spelling, imo.

Really like it.

Oliver gorgeous too.

Waswondering · 11/02/2008 19:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

puffling · 11/02/2008 19:55

You can't move for Finlay/leys. There are stacks of them about.

mummyloveslucy · 11/02/2008 19:58

What name/s do you like Puffling? I know loads of girls but not many boys.

OP posts:
NicMac · 11/02/2008 20:01

My DS3's middle name, would have been his first but live in France and the French would have had a nightmare with it. First name is therefore Arthur. Good luck with everything

bogwobbit · 11/02/2008 20:03

Love the name.
Hate the spelling (sorry) - think it should be Finlay

blousy · 11/02/2008 20:08

Love the name, family member has it - is known as Fin. BUT, it has become so common around these parts and I have heard of about 3 babies within the last 3 months called Finlay. That would put me off, as I'd hate my dcs to be in a class with more than one of their name iyswim.

Lizzzombie · 11/02/2008 20:20

It won't date, its a traditional celtic name. I believe Finley means 'child (son) of golden light/hair'. Not sure what Finlay means, or if the meaning differs for a girl.

One of my friends has a son (6) called Finley and he is adorable, but has thick dark hair and is totally swarthy.

Isn't Finn a name of an Irish 'superhero' from the olden times (can't think of correct term!)

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