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Twins- Aoife and _________

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greenwhatsapps · 08/03/2023 21:02

We don't know what we're having!

DH is Irish and would really like an Irish name. Aoife is my standout favourite, but then some of my other likes (Charlotte, Helen, Rose) don't match.

I like old fashioned Irish uncle names (James, Joseph, Vincent), but not sure if they match Aoife... Other boys' contenders are Aidan, Conn and Eoghan.

OP posts:
weebarra · 08/03/2023 21:05


ruralwanderer · 08/03/2023 21:05

Esme or Aidan 😁

Reallybadidea · 08/03/2023 21:05

Kiefer? Sorry Grin

Personally I think I'd go for two Irish names.

greenwhatsapps · 08/03/2023 21:07

I like Eoin too but I feel in combination with Aoife there's so many vowels!

OP posts:
purpleme12 · 08/03/2023 21:07


girlsyearapart · 08/03/2023 21:08


greenwhatsapps · 08/03/2023 21:08

Niamh would have been a strong contender but we have a niece!

OP posts:
OrlaHarper · 08/03/2023 21:10

Quinn is a lovely pairing and at least they won't both have to spend their whole life spelling their name out to people

Twoinapod · 08/03/2023 21:11



purpleme12 · 08/03/2023 21:11

Sinead is nice as well

resm · 08/03/2023 21:12

Aoife & Sinead
Aoife & Odhrán

MoreCraicPlease · 08/03/2023 21:12

Aoife and Aisling
Aoife and Oran

loopyloutoo · 08/03/2023 21:12

Aoife and Odhran/Fionn/Donnacha if a boy

Aoife and Saoirse/Sadbh/Laoise if two girls?

greenwhatsapps · 08/03/2023 21:12

I really like Ciaran- it's on the list.
Aine and Aoife... too matchy?

OP posts:
OzgeSlozge · 08/03/2023 21:14

Maeve & Aoife
Brónagh & Aoife
Conor & Aoife

greenwhatsapps · 08/03/2023 21:15

Oh Maeve! Aoife and Maeve sounds lovely to me. Thank you.

OP posts:
Bellabon · 08/03/2023 21:18

Aoife & Mollie

OzgeSlozge · 08/03/2023 21:19

I love the name Maeve (might be biased 😉). Getting very popular in England and Wales now which I have to say I find a bit irritating 😳

Procrastination4 · 08/03/2023 21:21

If it’s a boy, I’d go with Donnacha. (Though people probably would find it too difficult to pronounce outside of Ireland(.
if a girl, I’d go with Caoimhe.

Derrymum123 · 08/03/2023 21:21

Aoife and Nuala
Aoife and Séamus

scoopoftheday · 08/03/2023 21:25

Aoife & Eimear

Breadhead1 · 08/03/2023 21:26

Aoife and Cian
Aoife and Cillian
Aoife and Tadgh

Aoife and Caitlyn
Aoife and Erin

WombatBombat · 08/03/2023 21:26

Came on to say absolutely Maeve.

Aoife and Cormac.

xJoy · 08/03/2023 21:28


Doidontimmm · 08/03/2023 21:29


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