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Baby names

good books/websites for name ideas

9 replies

poppy34 · 09/02/2008 18:40

am completely stuck and even more stuck now I've looked at amazon reviews on the many various baby name books- any good ideas on websites/books for name inspiration?

OP posts:

kayzisbroody · 09/02/2008 18:45

I got 40,001 baby names while I was expecting ds. Although its very big and you'll probably count out most of the names it has a really wide variation.


poppy34 · 10/02/2008 14:39

that sounds good -did you actually find ds name from there?

OP posts:

Chunkamatic · 10/02/2008 14:42

Baby Centre website has lots and lots and lots of names with meanings etc - and it's free!!!


platesmasher · 10/02/2008 14:44

I liked the new age baby name book for names that are a bit different.


dontwanttogetoutofbed · 10/02/2008 15:01

there are so many websites out there. just google it and visit a few of them


swampster · 10/02/2008 15:07

I find Baby Name Wizard's NameVoyager fascinating.


poppy34 · 10/02/2008 15:38

thanks all - that website is really intriguing swampster. Amazing how stuff comes in/out of fashion.

OP posts:

swampster · 10/02/2008 16:09

American, of course. Both my DSs' names peaked in their birth years - wonder if I would have named them differently had I known. Doubt it.


dizzydixies · 10/02/2008 18:07

babynamesworld will send you 3 suggestions every day by email - they've got LOADS of names from lots of different origins

bounty website has a good thing where you can put in what names you like and it will tell you how many times its been registered etc this year

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