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Louis, Jack or Isaac

39 replies

aintitfun · 20/02/2023 17:06

Down to our final boys names, which would you pick?

OP posts:
ourflagmeansdeath · 20/02/2023 17:14

Louis - it's beautiful, works for all ages. Second choice Isaac as I like that too. Just not Jack, dislike this.

Shylo · 20/02/2023 17:15

Isaac :)

Smoothlines · 20/02/2023 17:16

Jack is OK but it’s a “short” form of John, which I really like.
I wouldn’t consider Isaac.

Goingoutoutout · 20/02/2023 17:26

Vote for Jack 😀

Moonshore4 · 20/02/2023 19:26

Definitely Louis, such a gorgeous name.
Isaac is nice too. Jack is okay but there are so many around now!

Rauha · 20/02/2023 19:39


Libmama · 20/02/2023 19:40

I’m biased as I have one but I love Isaac!

KirstenBlest · 20/02/2023 19:41

Depends on the surname.
If the surname is something beginning with Cox, Hock or Ox, Louis.
Jack Cox sounds like Jackox
Isaac Cox sounds like...

spiderlight · 20/02/2023 19:42

Isaac, with Louis as a close second.

Cococomellonn · 20/02/2023 19:43

I like them all and don't come across many of any of them in out circles (have a 18 month old boy)

Ruthy45 · 20/02/2023 19:44

Louis!! No for Jack. Isaac is 2nd for me.

LuckyCharm9 · 20/02/2023 19:46

I have a Jack and there is a Louis and Isaac in his friendship group.

All three are solid, classic names I think.

IWasFunBeforeMum · 20/02/2023 19:49


HadEnoughOfBears · 20/02/2023 19:50


Somanycats · 20/02/2023 19:50

Louis if pronounced as in Hamilton rather than theroux

gemloving · 20/02/2023 19:53

@Somanycats but wouldn't it be Lewis then. Don't use the French spelling if you don't pronounce it that way.

OP, I like Louis, Isaac is lovely too. No to Jack xx

WhichOneOfYasHasHadAShit · 20/02/2023 19:56

Louis followed closely by Isaac.

AcceptYourself · 20/02/2023 19:57


2crossedout1 · 20/02/2023 19:57


PotatoCatkin · 20/02/2023 20:01

Somanycats · 20/02/2023 19:50

Louis if pronounced as in Hamilton rather than theroux

So Lewis then?!

PotatoCatkin · 20/02/2023 20:02

I like them all. Louis if pronounced correctly, then Isaac then Jack.

xprincessxjanetx · 21/02/2023 00:32

Louis, closely followed by Isaac. I don't like Jack.

Toomanybooks22 · 21/02/2023 01:09

Louis over both others as it will work whatever age and whatever he chooses to do.

Toomanybooks22 · 21/02/2023 01:10

Somanycats · 20/02/2023 19:50

Louis if pronounced as in Hamilton rather than theroux

That's Lewis not Louis.

LulooLemon · 21/02/2023 01:13

Louis if pronounced like Louis Armstrong

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