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how do you pronounce barret?

14 replies

nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:08

me again ....

on the site i found it on it said it was pronounced BER-et. would you say that is beh-ret or berrrr-et ?

OP posts:

bobsmum · 08/02/2008 16:10

like as in Homes or Liquorice allsorts?


katelyle · 08/02/2008 16:11

I would say pronounce it any way you like - it's not a name with a history, so nobody will know how to pronounce it until you tell them! I would say BARett, personally, but just guessing!


nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:11

that's bassett

is home the same as the shoe shop? if so it's not that.

OP posts:

nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:12

humph. it IS a name with history.

"From a surname meaning "dispute" in Middle English, originally given to a quarrelsome person."

OP posts:

Lulumama · 08/02/2008 16:12


bobsmum · 08/02/2008 16:13

Bassetts! Sorry! Haven't had them for years!

If it's got a double R then I agree with Katelyle.

AS long as your surname isn't Homes/Holmes that is.


katelyle · 08/02/2008 16:14

Sorry. Not a name with a history as a first name. Isn't the name you mean usually Barrett, rather than Barret, though


nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:16

it can have one or two t's at the end but the one with one t is the original. and it is a name with history as a first name. it came from a surname and was given as a first name to quarellsome people originally.

OP posts:

goingfor3 · 08/02/2008 16:28

It's pronounced like Holland and Barret or the shoe shop Barrats.


katelyle · 08/02/2008 16:31

Please don't use it as a first name - if you were thinking of it...sorry, none of my business. I'll shut up.


bobsmum · 08/02/2008 16:33

You know people will mishear it as Borat...


nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:53

see i originally thought it was pronounced like holland and barrett but i say that with an a sound not an eh sound. maybe i've been saying it wrong for all these years.

OP posts:

branflake81 · 13/02/2008 15:46

I knew a Barrett who was American so prnounced it "Berret". Because I never saw it written down that's what I thought his name was and addressed him as "Berret" myself - as soon as I saw it written I realised.

It's very American - I wouldn't use it here.


Rhubarb · 13/02/2008 15:47

They'll call him Barry.

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