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how do you pronounce freyr?

11 replies

nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 15:32

it's a boys name. is it the same as the girl's name freya?

OP posts:

WigWamBam · 08/02/2008 15:39

Frey, I think.

It's the name of a god from German pagan tradition - he is the god of agriculture, weather and fertility.


JeremyVile · 08/02/2008 15:42

Just like the word air but with fr at the front?


nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 15:45

on the name website i saw it on it said it was pronounced FRAYR. so it's either FRAY or FRAY-A i think.

now does anyone know how barret is pronounced? on website it said BER-et. not sure if it is beh-ret or ber-et iyswim.

OP posts:

belgo · 08/02/2008 15:47

Frey is short for Frederik in dutch


needmorecoffee · 08/02/2008 15:48

do not name your child this cos people will be asking you that question for eternity!


nappyaddict · 08/02/2008 16:05

it says frey is a variant of freyr and pronounced frey so guessing freyr is like the word air by ayr iyswim

OP posts:

Snippety · 09/02/2008 18:09

Freyr/Frey is indeed the name of the Norse/Germanic fertility God (Vanir not Aesir). Freyja/Freya is his sister. I pronounce the name as indicated in Kveldulf Gundarsson's "Elves Wights and Trolls" which says "final r - in modern Icelandic spelt and pronounced - ur. In old Norse the vowel should ideally, but need not, be shortened to as near nonexistent as your mind and mouth can manage". So Frey-r. The name means "Lord"

I am a Norse Tradition Pagan and have a statue of Freyr on my altar. I would warn you that most representations feature a large, erect phallus in the manner of many fertility Gods. Thus:


MrsBadger · 09/02/2008 18:12

nappyaddict, Barret is pronounced, er, Barret, like Holland & Barratt.

Many of the websites are US-based so their vowels sound different to ours.


3andnomore · 09/02/2008 18:13

I know a little, very gorgeous, Frey but not Freyr...


nappyaddict · 09/02/2008 18:25

so frey-ur as opposed to frey-ah. hmm yes i do like that.

OP posts:

CalifrauQuoteoftheWeek · 09/02/2008 18:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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