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iloveburmese3 · 01/02/2023 14:58

I started a thread a while ago asking about the name Balthazar 🥴let's just say feedback was somewhat...brutal... but that's ok! I'm here for it!

So.. latest ideas below and would love anyone's help/ order of preference.

Balthazar (I know this is not a fav on here!)

Thank you!

OP posts:
BridieConvert · 01/02/2023 15:29

In order of preference:



Balthazar (really don't like, sorry!)

itsabigtree · 01/02/2023 15:54

I like Rocco. Or Rocky?
I thought quite seriously about Balthazar too when I was pregnant,,,, but I think it might have been the hormones Grin

My suggestion is, Jericho!

pilates · 01/02/2023 16:24

I only like Louis

KangarooKenny · 01/02/2023 16:24

I also only like Louis.

4thonthe4th · 01/02/2023 16:25


Otto/Rocco very low down

Balthazer doesn’t feature. Sorry. It’s awful 😳

BlueChampagne · 01/02/2023 16:32

I like Rocco (and I quite like Balthazar).

FrownPrincess · 01/02/2023 16:37

Louis Balthazar go well together.

I love Balthazar!

Pinkdafodils · 01/02/2023 17:15

I also quite like Balthazar.

I really dislike Otto as it reminds me of Otto von Biamarck and it sounds so harsh. Very Germanic!

Rocco sounds Italian and Louis French (the latter will often get pronounced Lou-is outside of France)

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 01/02/2023 17:16

All nice

justcouldntthinkofausername · 01/02/2023 17:18

How do u pronounce Balthazar ? I'm looking at it as Balt-haz-arrr is that right?
Never heard of it. If you want something really out there then that's your choice. Me personally don't like it sorry 😬
I like Louis off your list

emmathedilemma · 01/02/2023 17:58

@justcouldntthinkofausername Balthazar was one of the three wise men in the bible.
its a strong no from me on that one.
the others are ok but you will get Lou-ie, Low-is and Lew-is for Louis.

Twoinapod · 01/02/2023 17:59

I like Otto

Rocco and Balthazar are ok. A bit out there but that ‘in’ now.

Louis I really hate, find it such a drippy name

Mumofgirls2017 · 01/02/2023 18:52


my order!

iloveburmese3 · 01/02/2023 18:55

Thank you all so much! I know... Balthazar not easy... will have to be a middle name although I think it's super chic and interesting. I live quite a strange life so feel it could have fit it nicely 😂

I really like Rocco from everyone's comments... whoever said Louis is a bit drippy I've been feeling the same about this name for a while but only admitting it now!

Am I alone when I find deciding on a name absolutely awful and the least fun part of expecting a baby? I find the responsibility quite daunting - it's a big deal!

Thank you everyone for your kind input xxx

OP posts:
Blog34 · 01/02/2023 18:58

I like Baltazhar but nicknames might be a bit odd

BevMarsh · 01/02/2023 19:02

Louis is the only one I'd consider.

PurpleReindeer2 · 01/02/2023 19:04

I think that Louis is much nicer than your other choices.

CoalCraft · 02/02/2023 11:09

I like Louis (though prefer Lewis) and Otto's okay

Other two are hard no's from me.

goldenfoliage · 02/02/2023 11:33

I like Rocco

I understand appeal of Balthazar it's such a sleek sounding name, but I'm not fan of it
I don't mind Otto, but when it comes to Louis I prefer Louise for a girl and Lewis for a boy much more.

Luredbyapomegranate · 02/02/2023 11:42

Well personally I’d go for Balthazar😁, or Bartholemew and Barnabas are nice too

Otto makes me think of Nazis
Rocco I think is too Hello Magasine / silly
Louis is a bit wet and a bit overused

Laurence nn Laurie

might be others

DuchessOfSausage · 02/02/2023 12:45

Louis - but dislike Louie, a bit popular
Balthazar (I know this is not a fav on here!)

Rocco and Otto both dreadful

iloveburmese3 · 02/02/2023 13:30

So when I say Louis I'm pronouncing it Louie... there is no S sound in it at all. We live South of France so not a problem everyone would pronounce it this way..

OP posts:
DuchessOfSausage · 02/02/2023 13:56

Louis is usually pronounced Louie,@iloveburmese3 but you'll get some who insist that it should be said as Lewis Confused. The Louie spelling is popular in the UK Hmm.

Balthazar would be Bal-ta-zar?

Pinkdafodils · 02/02/2023 14:30

To avoid the Lou-is pronunciation more parents are spelling it Louie in the UK now

mumonherphone · 02/02/2023 20:01

I like Louis the best especially if you live in France.

Don't like Otto, Balthazar or Rocco sorry. I feel like Balthazar is a Disney villain? Sounds like an evil villain to me anyway.

How about Otis instead of Otto? Or Rocco as a nickname for something.

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