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Sister for Finley (boy)

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Haikey · 01/02/2023 09:57

Our 2.5 yo is called Finley! He gets Finn a lot.

DD due in April and we like these names so far:


The top 2 do have a bit of favouritism as our surname is Scottish , Finley is of Scottish origin and I read those 2 names are! And Elsie is from Elizabeth which is my nanas name :)

but I do love Aria 😍

just wondering if they suit? I think so but like to hear outside perspective x

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Haikey · 01/02/2023 09:58

Also clarified Finley was a boy in my title as I read that it can be a girl name too. Didn’t want any confusion

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CharlotteBarrinson · 01/02/2023 10:08

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Haikey · 01/02/2023 10:18

@CharlotteBarrinson ???

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CharlotteBarrinson · 01/02/2023 10:19

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CharlotteBarrinson · 01/02/2023 10:25

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This has been deleted by MNHQ for breaking our Talk Guidelines.

Haikey · 01/02/2023 10:35

Now those posts have been removed 😵‍💫

Opinions please ? X

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abmac95 · 01/02/2023 10:39

What about Elsa? Like Elsie but more grown up I think

Haikey · 01/02/2023 10:40

@abmac95 I can’t help but think of Frozen sorry! I know it’s an actual name but after my nieces have made me watch that film a million times I can’t help it haha!

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InTheFutilityRoomEatingBiscuits · 01/02/2023 10:46

They are all very popular, especially Isla. Does that bother you? Maybe not as you have a Finley?

Elsie seems like a shortening to me and not a full name.

Other names I’d consider to be in the same vein

Clara, Louisa, Ava, Iris, Lila, Anya.

emmathedilemma · 01/02/2023 10:50

Isla Elizabeth would be nice
Elsie is cute but very "of the moment" and could date. I know Isla's of all age ranges and it suits them all.
I don't like Aria at all, makes me think of opera (and i don't like opera!)

Pinotpleasure · 01/02/2023 10:51

My friend’s son is called Findlay (usually called Fin) and his big sister is called Ainslie :)

bairnk · 01/02/2023 12:42

My friend has just had a baby boy and called him Finlay and his big sister is Florence. Think they go really well together if you don't mind them sharing same first initial!

Twoinapod · 01/02/2023 14:48

I absolutely love Elsie, I think it’s beautiful. The only hesitation would be that it has a similar sounding end to Finley. But Elsie and Finn sound lovely.

Isla is nice but the popularity bothers me, there’s so many that they would likely be Isla (initial) or Isla (surname)

I don’t like Aria at all, it had a surge during Game of Thrones so you’ll always have people assuming your big fans

FrogFairy · 01/02/2023 14:54

I am going off piste and suggest Moira.

shiningstar2 · 01/02/2023 14:57

Finley and Florence?

I think Florence is lovely. Traditional but not totally 'of the moment'

Mind you I don't fancy Flo for short 😄

Sugarfree23 · 01/02/2023 14:59

My childhood friends mum was an Elsie, is it short for something?

I do quite like it bit I don't think I've come across another Isla, is nice but I think it's overused and need to be careful how it's said or it sounds like Isle a' surname.

BridieConvert · 01/02/2023 15:28

I love Isla and Elsie but agree with PP that they are very popular just now. But they go well with Finley. I used to love the name Aria but it feels very "of the moment" and on its way out.

Scottish and similar to Elsie: Ailsa, Eilidh?
Scottish islands: Iona or Skye?

Fifiesta · 01/02/2023 15:32

Elise ?

MavisTheMonkey · 01/02/2023 16:39

I like all your names, think any of them would work.
Maybe to add a couple more ideas:
Edith? Edie for short.
Aoife, think it goes really nicely with Finley.

user1492757084 · 03/02/2023 06:28

Finley and ..

Elspeth Rose
Isla Elizabeth
Aria Elizabeth

plumduck · 03/02/2023 06:30


If you love Aria I'd use that one

PinkSyCo · 03/02/2023 06:32

I find Aria such an ugly name. I know that Elsie is getting very popular again, but I still can’t help associating it with old ladies. Isla is lovely.

wizzler · 03/02/2023 06:38


Luredbyapomegranate · 04/02/2023 11:15

I love Isla, it’s popular but for a good reason

Elsie is a bit twee as a full name, but it’s a shortform of Elizabeth, so you could make it a nn for Elsbeth for a Scottish flavour

I don’t mind Aria but it’s a bit faddy

Other Scottish feeling options

Isobel, Isabella or Arabella nn Bonnie
Margaret or Marguerite nn Margot
Fiona nn Fee or Fifi

DuchessOfSausage · 04/02/2023 12:00

I only like Isla from your list.

Ailsa might be an alternative

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