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Indecisivemamabear · 30/01/2023 17:41

Feel free to like/love/lose the following names! Interested to know thoughts


OP posts:
Indecisivemamabear · 30/01/2023 17:41

And Celia

OP posts:
Rauha · 30/01/2023 17:43

I like:

DestinysGrandchild · 30/01/2023 17:44

I like Mabel

DoNutSweatTheSmallStuff · 30/01/2023 17:44

Gracie is my favourite from those.

LaLuz7 · 30/01/2023 17:47

Alicia - like
Gracie - too cutesy for an adult
Penny - ok
Keira/Ciara - ok
Eloise - meh
Lydia - like
Mabel - old woman
Winnie - dislike
Heidi - dislike
Elsie - meh
Celia - like

Snowybeach · 30/01/2023 17:48

I like Eloise and Heidi.

StopFeckingFaffing · 30/01/2023 17:50

Eloise, Lydia, Celia & Heidi are my favourites

I'm not a fan of Alicia (much prefer Alice)
Gracie is ok as a pet name for Grace but a bit twee as an actual name

I only like Penny/Winnie as shortening for Penelope/Winifred

Elsie, Mabel, Keira are 'ok'

Indecisivemamabear · 30/01/2023 18:48

Thank you for all your replies so far!

Those who like Celia do you like Cecelia or Celia best?

OP posts:
KirstenBlest · 30/01/2023 20:22

Alicia - Aleesha/Alissia confusion
Gracie - ok if Grace on BC
Penny - ok but short for Penelope
Keira/Ciara - not keen
Eloise - bit of a mouthful and yet another Ellie
Lydia - like, but will be Lyds
Mabel -not keen, seems frumpy
Winnie - like
Heidi - like
Elsie - not keen, sounds like someone loud
Celia - much nicer than Cecilia, but I prefer Delia

MajorCarolDanvers · 30/01/2023 20:22

Grace is nice

But not Gracie

VerbenaGirl · 30/01/2023 20:24

I like Gracie, Mabel and Elsie.

VanillaLife · 30/01/2023 20:40

Alicia - I always imagine a bitchy teen when I hear this name!

Gracie - I like it, but it’s more of a child’s name to me, I can imagine as an adult they would shorten it to Grace.

Penny - It’s ok, but would rather Penelope.

Keira/Ciara - I really like this name.

Eloise - I like it but am never sure if I am pronouncing it correctly.

Lydia - I like this name a lot.

Mabel - too elderly lady sounding to me.

Winnie - The pooh. But I also dislike the name. It sounds frumpy to me.

Heidi - I really like it. It sounds fresh and I think it would suit all ages.

Elsie - ok

Celia - no

Mumofgirls2017 · 30/01/2023 21:31

Alicia- bit dated
Gracie- not a fan
Penny- like as short Penelope
Keira/Ciara- prefer Clara
Eloise- like
Lydia- meh
Mabel- like
Winnie- quite like
Heidi- like
Elsie- ok

RainLover · 30/01/2023 21:34

Alicia - not a fan
Gracie - I’d go with Grace, nn Gracie. Gracie as a name is too cutesy for my taste
Penny - love as a nn for Penelope
Keira/Ciara - don’t like
Eloise - nope
Lydia - l love
Mabel - OK
Winnie - Don’t really like, but if I did, would be as a nn for Winnifred
Heidi - quite like
Elsie - quite like
Celia - love

BridieConvert · 01/02/2023 16:51

Alicia - lose
Gracie - like but prefer Grace then Gracie could be nn
Penny - lose
Keira/Ciara - like
Eloise - love
Lydia - like
Mabel - like
Winnie - lose
Heidi - lose
Elsie - love (but prefer Elise)

helloelsie · 02/02/2023 19:55

Alicia - yes
Gracie - yes
Penny - no
Keira/Ciara - no
Eloise - yes
Lydia - yes
Mabel - yes
Winnie - yes
Heidi - yes
Elsie - no
Elise - yes

ShesThunderstorms · 02/02/2023 20:03

Alicia - like
Gracie - lose unless it was changed to Grace and then like
Penny - lose unless it was Penelope and then love
Keira/Ciara - like Ciara
Eloise - lose (nothing wrong with it, just not my taste)
Lydia - lose (same reason as Eloise)
Mabel - love
Winnie - love
Heidi - lose
Elsie - love
Celia - lose

hlc123 · 02/02/2023 20:06

My opinions

Alicia - not keen
Gracie - not keen
Penny - really like
Keira/Ciara - like Keira but not Ciara
Eloise - ok
Lydia - ok
Mabel - like
Winnie - like
Heidi - like
Elsie - really like
Celia - not keen

Emsb2022 · 02/02/2023 20:11

I like Eloise

AlwaysLatte · 02/02/2023 20:19

Lydia and Alicia are my favourites. Elouise is also lovely.

Mum97540 · 02/02/2023 20:25

Eloise and Ciara are my favourites.

Sandysandwich · 02/02/2023 20:45

I like Eloise, Lydia and Celia
I prefer Celia to Ceceila- it just seems nicer and less frilly

Luredbyapomegranate · 02/02/2023 21:54

Alicia or Lydia

Alicia - love it
Gracie - no, twee.
Penny - no, twee
Keira/Ciara - nice enough, Ciara is prettier
Eloise - she’ll end to Ellie, there are SO many
Lydia - nice
Mabel - ok
Winnie - if it’s short for Winifred
Heidi - can’t stand it
Elsie - twee and overdone

Penguinsaregreat · 02/02/2023 22:16

Lydia and Eloise are gorgeous.
I like Alicia not only when pronounced Alice-see-ah I really dislike the other pronounciations.
Gracie and Penny are too nicknamey for me.
Winnie is awful. Elsie not much better. The remainder are ok.

Roseyposeypudding · 02/02/2023 23:11

Mabel, Winnie

Eloise, Lydia, Celia

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