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bellarosabella · 24/01/2023 22:10

This is DH's current favourite (mine are Sienna and Savannah).

Just wondering what you thought of it.

Is it dated? Most I know are in their 20s and 30s but it doesn't sound that dated to me.

It gives me a different image from Sienna and Savannah which feel very sunny to me, it has more of a subdued ballet-pink-Paris association but I don't dislike it.

So what about Chloe?

Or possibly Sienna Chloe or Savannah Chloe?

OP posts:
Twoinapod · 24/01/2023 23:04

I’m not a fan of any but Chloe is miles better, and would at least be a bit different.

DramaAlpaca · 24/01/2023 23:09

I do think it's a bit dated, but it's a classy name and I much prefer it to both Sienna and Savannah (which I really don't like).

Staffielove23 · 24/01/2023 23:13

pretty name

Pinkdafodils · 24/01/2023 23:22

Chloë is indeed a little dated. I prefer Sienna

daysleepers · 24/01/2023 23:41

I like Chloe, for me it doesn't sound too dated like Margot, Audrey or Mavis

Savannah is my fave of your suggestions. But go with what works for you!

Icecreamandapplepie · 24/01/2023 23:57

I like chloe alot

AmandaMirandaPanda · 25/01/2023 01:43

I like it, but I generally really like Greek-origin names ending in a voiced -e: Ariadne, Daphne, Ianthe, Ione, Phoebe, Xanthe, Zoe. They feel modern to me without being out and out nickname-y. I also like Chloe's meaning: green shoot. I think it does give a slightly "dated" impression to some people because it was little used in English-speaking countries and then suddenly became very popular sometime in the late '80s/90s. It's still pretty popular, though:

I agree, it's more subtle and classic than Savannah and Sienna, which always feel a bit like specific place names to me.

Billslills · 25/01/2023 10:47

I like it. I met a baby Chloe recently and I thought the name was refreshing and adorable on a little one. I like Sienna but feel it’s a little ‘try hard’.

aSofaNearYou · 25/01/2023 10:49

Tbh I find Sienna and Savannah more dated. But yes they are more sunny. Have you considered looking at other summer themed names?

KirstenBlest · 25/01/2023 10:53

I'm not keen on any of them. Chloe is the best of the three, but it was wildly popular 25 yrs ago, so seems dated. Zoe is much nicer.

VenusClapTrap · 25/01/2023 11:12

I’m not fond of Chloe. It makes me think of ‘cloying’.

TurquoiseDress · 25/01/2023 11:15

I love the name Chloe

TurquoiseDress · 25/01/2023 11:17

I don't like Sienna or Savannah

Makes me think of Sienna Miller

And Savannah is a grassy woodland

whosaidtha · 25/01/2023 11:25

It's still on the top 52. And has been for years. Hardly dated if it's still so common.
I love it and would have used it if it wasn't so popular.

wingsofabird · 25/01/2023 11:27

I love this name. A favorite of mine and doesn't feel dated to me.

ouch321 · 25/01/2023 11:28


BellatrixLestrangesHeatedCurlers · 25/01/2023 11:30

I hate it but it's because my chav neighbour is called that and you hear her neanderthal husband calling "ChloAYYYYYYYY". Sienna and Savannah otoh are two of my favourite names.

GougeAwayIfYouWantTo · 25/01/2023 11:31

Absolutely beautiful name. It is sophisticated without being twee.

I really don’t like either Savannah or Sienna.

WaltzingWaters · 25/01/2023 11:37

Like all three names

TempsPerdu · 25/01/2023 13:24

I do think Chloe is a bit tired, but it has far more saying power than either Sienna or Savannah, neither of which I like at all. And a baby Chloe would stand out more than either of those at the moment.

Only anecdotal, but there are two Siennas in DD’s Reception cohort of 60 (and at least one or two per year further up the school). One Savannah and another in an older class. One Chloe further up the school, and I’ve come across one other little one since DD was born, but all the others I know are quite a bit older.

Luredbyapomegranate · 25/01/2023 22:02

It’s better than the other two which are very Hello mag.

It’s quite popular right now I think along with Phoebe. Zoe is a nice alternative.

Serena, Selina, Saskia, Sabrina and Susannah are all also very elegant and better alternatives to Sienna and Savannah. Or Sanchia for something more unusual.

Iwanttobeinthesunshine · 26/01/2023 15:15

I think Chloe is a lovely name.

user1492757084 · 27/01/2023 14:47

Chloe is sweet -it means little green shoot.
Chloe Susanna
Chloe Alexandra
Chloe Arabella

Sienna is fine enough.
Sienna Beatrix
Sienna Katharine
Sienna Louise

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