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Sienna or Savannah?

21 replies

bellarosabella · 23/01/2023 06:54

Which one would you choose for a daughter and why?

Can you name some Pros and Cons for both names?

What kind of images do both names give you?

Any associations?

Thanks very much.

OP posts:
Dustyblue · 23/01/2023 07:11

Hmm, think I prefer Sienna.

Only association I can think of is the colour of a Crayola crayon. But it's a genuine colour and a lovely one at that.

Savannah- reminds me of the town in Georgia USA, or a desert in Africa. Also Peter Phillips' daughter.

Heyjoewhatsup · 23/01/2023 07:16

Sienna is lovely

sunflowerdaisyrose · 23/01/2023 07:21

I prefer Sienna because of the desert/Savannah link.

I did know the loveliest little girl called Savannah once though that has always given me a soft spot for the name!

Blueisthecolor · 23/01/2023 07:45

Sienna much prettier. I do not like savannah at all.

scrivette · 23/01/2023 07:50

I prefer Savanna. I know lots of Sienna's and Savanna is something a bit different.

Twoinapod · 23/01/2023 08:36

Theyre both quite popular, I’d say Sienna more so. The siennas I know of are really horrible people so it always has negative links for me, that said I don’t like Savannah.

KirstenBlest · 23/01/2023 08:55

Neither. Sienna is an unattractive paint colour and Savannah is a desert plain.

CastleTower · 23/01/2023 10:01


caggie2 · 23/01/2023 10:03

I know a Savi and it really suits her

Purpletopaz42 · 23/01/2023 10:24

I'd choose Sienna, it's a lovely name. Pros and cons wise, I just think Sienna sounds much nicer. Associations, Sienna is a colour, makes me think of art and creativity. Savannah makes me think of the desert.

SilentNightDancer · 23/01/2023 16:07


Meredusoleil · 23/01/2023 16:16

I like both and have taught several girls with those names (currently have one of each in one of my classes).

Sienna is definitely the more popular one I would say. Both pretty, though Savannah is less used imho.

RuthW · 23/01/2023 16:45

Savannah. Too many Siennas about.

AnotherNameChangeYes · 23/01/2023 16:57

I really like Savannah, also Sienna is so popular it’s overused.

bellarosabella · 24/01/2023 21:08

Am I unreasonable to worry about Sienna Miller connections?

I am glad no one has mentioned her yet.

OP posts:
Wallabyone · 24/01/2023 21:14

I know someone who has one of each. I like both, but think Savannah is a bit cooler.

Leffeandolives · 24/01/2023 22:08

Sienna without second thought.

Savannah reminds of Havana sigars

Mamadothehump · 24/01/2023 22:11

bellarosabella · 24/01/2023 21:08

Am I unreasonable to worry about Sienna Miller connections?

I am glad no one has mentioned her yet.

Her sister is a designer - called Savannah 🤣

Deebeelou1 · 24/01/2023 22:12

Sienna Miller has a sister called Savannah so that’s what I first thought of. They are both pretty names, though and the connection to Sienna Miller wouldn’t put me off.

Luredbyapomegranate · 25/01/2023 22:27

I think they are both fairly Hello mag so neither


are all very nice

RosaCaramella · 25/01/2023 23:20

Sienna is a beautiful town in Tuscany surrounded by vineyards and cypress trees. Savannah also has nice geographical associations (for me) and also makes me think of the girls in the old flake adverts for some reason - also not a negative!
Both are lovely and have lots of scope for pet names - Sia, Sien, En, Enny or Sav, Savvy, Vannah, etc.

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