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George, Arthur or Oliver?

26 replies

Purpletopaz42 · 22/01/2023 12:21

Which do you prefer and why? Thank you

OP posts:
Rauha · 22/01/2023 12:30

George. I probably I like it best because it's the name of some of my favourite people, so a particularly subjective reason.

HikingforScenery · 22/01/2023 12:38


George is a bit meh and Oliver is far too popular

PuppaDontPreach · 22/01/2023 12:42

George. Arthur and Oliver are both a bit too popular, although nice names in themselves.

DramaAlpaca · 22/01/2023 12:42

I love both Arthur and Oliver, their popularity doesn't bother me.

I think of George as a stodgy sort of name.

PuppaDontPreach · 22/01/2023 12:43

Actually just realised they are all very popular- 2, 3 and 4 in 2021.

My fave is George.

KirstenBlest · 22/01/2023 13:24

Depends on the surname.

toastofthetown · 22/01/2023 13:45

They're all very popular and safe names. It doesn't really matter which one you pick as they are all largely interchangeable, with the the only distinction being their historical popularities. George is perennially popular, never having left the top hundred in England and Wales and so is the most timeless of the group. Oliver entered the top hundred in the 1970s and has been consistently popular for the last fifty years and shows no sign of significant decline any time soon. Arthur dropped out in the 1960s, and has exploded in popularity again recently so is much likely to date. You could always wait until he is born and see if you feel one suits him better.

CastleTower · 22/01/2023 14:08

Personally I'm not keen on George. I'd go for Arthur.

Purplecatshopaholic · 22/01/2023 14:13

George is horrible and always was but now there’s a Prince George is popular too. Oliver is lovely but far too common because of that. I’d go Arthur.

FlounderingFruitcake · 22/01/2023 14:19

They’re all lovely classic names. They are also very popular, which is absolutely fine, but there’s a good chance they’ll be more than 1 at any baby group, nursery, class at school and I don’t think picking George over Oliver (for example) will really make much difference there. There’s no bad choice really so I’d go with whichever you like best, works best with your surname or just suits him best when he arrives!

Twoinapod · 22/01/2023 15:18

George definitely, I know so many Oliver’s and Arthur’s.

17caterpillars1mouse · 22/01/2023 15:19

I like Arthur best

I really like Oliver but dislike Ollie so I would never personally use it

I really don't like George. I don't know why but I really can't stand the name George

Holly60 · 22/01/2023 15:21

George. Arthur next. Don't really like Oliver.

TheOriginalEmu · 22/01/2023 15:27

Of the three I prefer Oliver.

Millionaireshortbread0 · 22/01/2023 15:32

Like all 3 so I'd go with whatever fits best with surname. Or I'd combine two of them
Oliver George or George Arthur.

Pinkdafodils · 22/01/2023 16:50

They're all very commonly used, so there'll be loads of others with the same name.

Hopefully you have a more unique surname?

RedRobyn2021 · 23/01/2023 13:13

I like all three, probably prefer Oliver but wouldn't use it myself because it's so popular. However if that's the one for you, don't let it hold you back. In the scheme of things it doesn't matter, just pick name you really want.

I spent ages deliberating and ended up choosing a name that is quite popular, but it is also beautiful and I love it. That's all that matters really.

Consufed · 23/01/2023 13:38

George is my favourite of the three. Arthur is one of the fustier sounding 'old man' names IMHO. Oliver is OK but the 'liver' part puts me off.

CharitySchmarity · 23/01/2023 15:27

I like all three of them a lot but I think I might slightly prefer Arthur.

ChildrenOfTheQuorn · 23/01/2023 20:34


everythingsapickle · 23/01/2023 20:54

Like George and Oliver. Less keen on Arthur.

wetpebbles · 23/01/2023 21:00

That's my uncle, my son and my nephew

xPissflapsx · 23/01/2023 21:02

Oliver because that's what I would have called one of my twins if they had been boys.

IhearyouClemFandango · 23/01/2023 21:08
  1. George
  2. Arthur.

No no to Oliver. Have never liked it or Olivia, just don't like the sound. Way too popular now bizarrely too.
Starryskiesinthesky · 23/01/2023 21:09

Not keen on any of them but they are classic English names.

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