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skerriesmum · 05/02/2008 01:24

Willow for a girl; my friend just named her baby Willow Grace. It sounds like that awful show Will & Grace!

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skerriesmum · 05/02/2008 18:50

I didn't know there was a cricketer Grace as well, very interesting! I don't mind the name, and it's true the show will eventually fade out of collective memory.

OP posts:
devonsmummy · 05/02/2008 20:19

i like it - isn't one of Davina Mcalls (!?)daughters called Willow

booge · 05/02/2008 20:25

My neice is Willow, I didn't like it at first, I thought she might get called weeping Willow, silly Willy etc. The name had grown on us though.

lennygrrl · 05/02/2008 20:26

Message withdrawn

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