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Benny for a girl?

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Yrmyfavourite · 06/01/2023 09:02


32 weeks with DC2 but, don't know what we're having yet and really struggling for names! Already have a little girl called Marley so, as you can tell we like gender neutral names.

I just came across a video of a girl called Benny and I love it. DH not convinced and is making Benny Hill references... 😂 Does anyone have any recommendations for longer names that could be shortened to Benny as a nickname or, similar style names?

Also, any boy name recommendations would be greatly received too!

Thank you 😊

OP posts:
mrsm43s · 06/01/2023 09:04

How about Bonnie instead of Benny?

Riverbiscuits · 06/01/2023 09:04

I know a female Benedict and she is known as Benny, it’s grown on me 😊

Rainbowqueeen · 06/01/2023 09:06

Benita is the only longer name I can think of

what about:

Allezallezallez2023 · 06/01/2023 09:06

Sorry I really dislike Benny for a girl.

If you have to use it, I would just do it as her nick name

SummaLuvin · 06/01/2023 09:11

Not a fan of Benny for a girl, can only think of Benedita? But not even sure if that's a name. My top two gender neutral girls names are:

Claude - I like this as a stand alone, or short for Claudia

Andy - adore this but can't use it as no long versions work for me. I knew a really annoying Andrea so can't go there, Cassandra is too similar to my own name, and Andromeda is a little much for me at actually use. But you might be ok with one of those!

MolesOnPoles · 06/01/2023 09:11

Not great.

I know an Italian Benita who is known as Bena.

ChristmasJumpers · 06/01/2023 09:13

I can't think of any longer names that are nice but I'm all for Benny as a nickname for a girl. It's super cute and people would get used to it once they knew your DD

Spenn · 06/01/2023 09:14

Benny on the loose!

NeverGonnaNot · 06/01/2023 09:15

I don’t like it at all sorry.

Rosio · 06/01/2023 09:15


SeasonFinale · 06/01/2023 09:16

No not even Benny for a boy

Songbird54321 · 06/01/2023 09:17

I'm with your oh on this one, someone says Benny, I immediately think Hill.
Quinn is one of my favourite names but it just didn't go with our surname

PurBal · 06/01/2023 09:17

Benita or Bendedicte?

Fundays12 · 06/01/2023 09:17

Sorry but it’s awful. Can you imagine the nicknames as she gets older? Benny means getting drunk in my area so names would go like “benny on it again”, “you up for a benny” “ hen you on the benny”

MerryMarigold · 06/01/2023 09:18


Only joking. I do like Benny for a girl. I'm wracking my brains for a decent long name (not Benhilde) but I can't think of one. I hope someone else can.

Monkeytapper · 06/01/2023 09:18


Cold maybe have Benny a nn

Flipflops123 · 06/01/2023 09:19


SBAM · 06/01/2023 09:21

@SummaLuvin Alexandra could be shortened to Andie/Andy.

@Yrmyfavourite there’s a Bernarda in my daughters class at school, that would shorten to Benny. Though I agree with your husband that a lot of adult will think of Benny hill.

MerryMarigold · 06/01/2023 09:22
EmilyGilmoresSass · 06/01/2023 09:22

I quite like it as a nickname, but I'd probably use a more formal name on birth certificate incase the child wants a choice when older. Bennett sprung to mind but I suppose that's maybe seen as masculine (I have a 'boys' name myself and I actually prefer it to having an overly girly name). Bernadette also spring to mind for some reason.

TheFlis12345 · 06/01/2023 09:23

The main character in the Maeve Binchy book Circle of Friends is called Benny. Minnie Driver plays her in the film version, it’s short for Bernadette

EmilyGilmoresSass · 06/01/2023 09:24

Monkeytapper · 06/01/2023 09:18


Cold maybe have Benny a nn

I had actually considered Belinda with nickname of Billie for my daughter

ALS94 · 06/01/2023 09:26

Personally not a fan for either gender but names are very subjective so go with your heart.

Some other gender neutral names with nicknames
Francesca - Frankie
Leonora/Elena - Lenny
Stefanie - Stevie
Jessica - Jessy
Olivia - Ollie

Choconut · 06/01/2023 09:27

I think it's awful, I just think of Benny from Crossroads <shudder>.

I'd go with Bethany which literally has all the letters of Benny in it (so works) and is a really nice name - rather than something that no one's ever heard of or something horrible just so you can have the nn Benny.

It also has the ee sound at the end just like Marley but is much softer sounding so isn't too samey.

AliceMcK · 06/01/2023 09:28

Made me think of Bennie and the Jets. I actually like it.

just googled

”Bennie" is a female character Elton has described as a "sci-fi rock goddess." Bernie Taupin, who wrote the lyrics, told Esquire, "'Bennie And The Jets' was almost Orwellian - it was supposed to be futuristic. They were supposed to be a prototypical female rock 'n' roll band out of science fiction. Automatons."

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