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Which one would you pick?

25 replies

misslucy92 · 01/01/2023 13:07

Hannah or Hanna

Comments on why/why not and associations very much appreciated!

OP posts:
20viona · 01/01/2023 13:15


Fivebeanchilli · 01/01/2023 13:18

Lily - nice. Popular but pretty.
Annabel - nice too.
Aurora - not keen personally
Eliara - don't like. Sounds made up and too much like the other Ellie names
Anneliese - pretty. I like this
Lara - I like this too
Hannah or Hanna - a bit dull but fine. Hannah is easier than Hanna.
Isabelle - dull. Too popular
Isabella - dull too
Clara - lovely
Marie - I don't like. Sounds middle aged
Anastasia - too fussy

Clara is my favourite with Anneliese second

amylou8 · 01/01/2023 13:34


Mumofgirls2017 · 01/01/2023 13:51


also like annabel and clara

custardbear · 01/01/2023 13:52

Eliara doesn't flow, illiana works better

SunshineAndFizz · 01/01/2023 13:54

Lily or Hannah.

Popular for a reason.

MajorCarolDanvers · 01/01/2023 13:55

Lily - lovely and classic
Annabel - meh
Aurora - nope too Disney princess
Eliara - too frilly
Anneliese - it's ok
Lara - it's ok
Hannah or Hanna - like both
Isabelle - ok
Isabella - ok
Clara - Heidi
Marie - ok
Anastasia - too Disney, macabre

Definitely prefer Lily but Lara, Hannah, Marie and Isabelle all fine

HappyFannyPetrow · 01/01/2023 13:55

-Overused and dull

Eliara - too many vowels and will be confusing to spell

The remainder are absolutely gorgeous

Azafata · 01/01/2023 13:55

What about Missy

Theoldwoman · 01/01/2023 13:56

Depends on surname, middle name, siblings .

I love Annabel and Clara.

GoodbyeLondon · 01/01/2023 13:59

Lily - ok, but very well used
Annabel - like, but borderline fussy
Aurora - like, but tricky to say aloud
Eliara - dislike these sorts of names Elara, Alannah, Lilah
Anneliese - like but prefer Annie or Anna
Lara - fine
Hannah or Hanna - ok
Isabelle - ok
Isabella - ok but they're everywhere
Clara - like
Marie - not a fan
Anastasia - liked this for ds (had he been a girl) but everyone said 50 shades of grey Hmm

BanjoVio · 01/01/2023 13:59

Lily - Fine but getting very overused
Annabel - Lovely and classic
Aurora - Nope, everyone will just think of Disney
Eliara - Sounds like you’ve made it up
Anneliese - My absolute favourite
Lara - Like Lily, she’ll be one of six in her class
Hannah or Hanna - Boring
Isabelle - I’ve taught upwards of 25 with various spellings. They all revert to ‘Izzy’ which is horrid
Isabella - Ditto above
Clara - Lovely
Marie - Old fashioned in a bad way, like Jean or Tracy, and not old enough to be part of the grandma resurgence like Edith or Ada
Anastasia - Too fussy

I’d go with Anneliese followed by Clara.

DramaAlpaca · 01/01/2023 14:25

Lily or Lara

Hobbesmanc · 01/01/2023 14:30

Annaliese is one of my favourite names. Lara and Lily are just too ubiquitous

Clara is very pretty. Have you thought about Clarice. Aurora is too princessy. Love. Audrey and Audra though. Or Astrid.

GoodbyeLondon · 01/01/2023 14:34

Audrey is a lovely suggestion

Reindear · 01/01/2023 14:35


classic, not too fussy, pretty, not too popular. Lovely name

DuchessOfSausage · 01/01/2023 16:10


HuntingoftheSnark · 01/01/2023 16:26

Lily or Clara - I don't like the others as much. I really (irrationally) dislike Hannah.

Twoinapod · 01/01/2023 16:57

I have an Isabelle, I love it, but you do have to constantly spell it out as there’s variations and she sometimes gets Isabella.

lily and Clara are lovely. I don’t like Marie but Maria is lovely.

mh favourite on your list is anneliese, it’s lovely, and not too popular without raising eyebrows

Consufed · 01/01/2023 17:40

I like Annabel best, then Lily.

jackstini · 01/01/2023 17:53

Lily - nice, know a baby born this week named Lily
Annabel - more old fashioned
Aurora - sleeping beauty
Eliara - much prefer Eliana (and the meaning)
Anneliese - bit French
Lara - like, also love Lana
Hannah or Hanna - Hannah
Isabelle - prefer Isobel
Isabella - not keen
Clara - not keen
Marie - prefer Maria
Anastasia - think Russian princess

NuffSaidSam · 01/01/2023 18:00

I would go for Clara or Lara, they're both lovely, classic names. Not overused. Easy to say and spell.

Hannah, Isabelle, Isabella, Annabel and Lily are all nice, classic names, but all quite common/overused and a little boring. No-one will raise an eyebrow at any of them though.

Aurora, Eliara, Anneliese and Anastasia are all fussy princessy names to my ear and not something I would go for personally.

Marie is probably equal to Clara and Lara in terms of being an underused classic. Just not to my personal taste.

Mañanarama · 01/01/2023 18:00

Lily - pretty but v common 10 years ago
Annabel - don’t like any bell-end names
Aurora - love it, bit hippie, but Disney
Eliara - made up
Anneliese - awkward looking
Lara - nice but sounds awful where I live
Hannah or Hanna - LOVE Hannah
Isabelle - bellend again
Isabella - LOVE, classy and beautiful
Clara - like but see Lara
Marie - much prefer Maria
Anastasia - knew one whose nn was Nasty

xprincessxjanetx · 02/01/2023 01:05


CakeRattleandRoll · 02/01/2023 10:02

Favourite is Annaliese (spelt that way) - elegant, not common, various nn options.
Second would be Lara, except I'm in Australia and we would destroy the vowels!

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