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Caspian / Cassian thoughts

4 replies

user863 · 30/12/2022 18:11

What do you think of these names, due a baby boy in a couple of months so just putting the feelers out there. We quite like these names but can't decide between the two. Are they too unusual?

OP posts:
PritiPatelsMaker · 30/12/2022 18:35

I don't think they're too unusual at all. Why not wait until he's here and then decide which one suits him best? Wink

Oneandabean · 30/12/2022 18:41

I like Caspian. Cassian to me seems a bit feminine, I just see Cassie and Sian in it.

Clettercletterthatsbetter · 30/12/2022 20:33

I think they’re both lovely. We nearly named DS2 Cassian but someone I know used it a couple of months before so it didn’t feel right using it. And her Cassian suits the name much more than my DS would have!

goldenfoliage · 31/12/2022 11:03

I feel Caspian is more wearable due to associations to Caspar. Caspian also sounds right, while Cassian is so soft sounding.

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