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Which one do you like?

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misslucy92 · 27/12/2022 09:40

Thanks for your help so far. We decided not to use Viola due to the many pronunciations.


We have a Ruby and love her name but it’s so popular and it’s a bit annoying that she is always Ruby Surname. So we’d like to avoid very popular names.

OP posts:
GenderNormans · 27/12/2022 09:41

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This has been deleted by MNHQ at the request of the OP.

hugefanofcheese · 27/12/2022 09:41

Heidi Kate

RandomCatGenerator · 27/12/2022 10:05

Ruby is a lovely name - is it really that popular?

I think your names are all nice.

I think Mary is boring and too traditional, there are always hundreds of Kates and Katies, and Alisha I would spell Alicia and I don’t love it.

Elara probably my favourite. Heidi and Matilda also v nice although I know three or four Matildas under 5 so maybe not the best bet if you want her to be the only one in her class. Matilda also has cute abbreviations though - Tilly, Tilda, Matty.

Awrite · 27/12/2022 10:07

I love Heidi.

Theoldwoman · 27/12/2022 10:18

100% Kate.

Classical and elegant.

Billslills · 27/12/2022 10:22

Heidi or Elara … But I really love Elora??

PritiPatelsMaker · 27/12/2022 10:26

Heidi is my favourite from your list.

MerryChristmasTree · 27/12/2022 11:01

I like Alisha although prefer Alicia (Alice-ee-ah). Kate and Heidi. Heidi is on the rise though, I know quite a few.

pilates · 27/12/2022 11:06

Matilda is my favourite

Rickandmortified100 · 27/12/2022 12:13

Mary and Matilda. Mary Matilda would be lovely

CoffeeBeansGalore · 27/12/2022 12:18

Heidi is nice. Prefer Alyssa to Alisha.

hearmywomanlyroar · 27/12/2022 12:20

If you want to avoid popular I'd go with Mary. It's one of those classic names you almost never hear babies being named nowadays. Love Matilda but there are lots of them around.

Nimbostratus100 · 27/12/2022 12:23

I like Heidi and Kate, but they are nicknames, not full names. WHy not use Adelaide or Katherine, shorten them in the family, and give your child more choice over what name she prefers when older?

musicandpassion · 27/12/2022 12:24

Out of all of your names I like Viola the best. I wanted Viola for my second DC but he turned out to be a boy!
Otherwise, I think Heidi is the nicest of the others.

Notonyournellykelly · 27/12/2022 12:26

I like Kate, Heidi, Mary and Matilda best

I dislike Elara and Elaria. Those names are everywhere and I think they just begin to sound garbled.

Scarfymcscarface · 27/12/2022 12:27

Mary is lovely. And Heidi.

FASDE1517 · 27/12/2022 12:30

I love Heidi and Matilda. Matilda's are everywhere though so I wouldn't as she will definitely be Matilda Surname initial.

Mary is lovely too.

DurdleSnore · 27/12/2022 12:37

Matilda or Heidi

MerryChristmasToYou · 27/12/2022 14:55

Matilda - ok but has a bit of 'bossy little madam' about it
Elara - It's yet another El name. Lara is nicer but there are so many L* names currently popular
Heidi -fine
Eliara - no, too long and looks made up and she'll be yet another Ellie
Alisha - not keen, Alicia is better
Mary - like
Kate - best of the bunch

mintdaisy · 27/12/2022 14:56


Mumofgirls2017 · 27/12/2022 17:07


Fivebeanchilli · 27/12/2022 17:17

Matilda - lovely and sounds good with Ruby. I like the option for several nn's if she wants them
Elara - don't like at all. I really like Lara though.
Heidi - not keen. A bit dull with Ruby
Eliara- really don't like. I think everyone will assume it's Eliana
Alisha - not keen
Mary - not keen
Kate - lovely

Kate or Matilda for me

purplecorkheart · 27/12/2022 17:21

I love Kate.

DramaAlpaca · 27/12/2022 17:24

Kate, Matilda or Mary are all lovely.

Not Heidi, it's so twee it makes my teeth itch. Horrid name.

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