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Baby names

Is it really that 'wierd'?

63 replies

kayzr · 03/02/2008 09:24

Dh and I are thinking of ttc #2 this year. When dh told mil that we were thinking of Imogen if we have a girl she said "cant you think of any names that aren't wierd"
Ds is called Freddie and 10 months on she still says couldn't you have called him something normal.
Are Imogen and Freddie that wierd?

OP posts:

pootleflump · 03/02/2008 09:25

Imogen is lovely.


aGalChangedHerName · 03/02/2008 09:26

Imogen is lovely imo.


Pruners · 03/02/2008 09:26

Message withdrawn


LaDiDaDi · 03/02/2008 09:26

They are both lovely names and perfectly normal.


BiancaCastafiore · 03/02/2008 09:27

I love the name Imogen and would use if we ever had a dd2 (unlikely )

Wouldn't think of it as a weird name at all.


specialmagiclady · 03/02/2008 09:27

She's the wierdo! Imogen and Freddie are the Jill and John of our generation! Classics.


DontCallMeBaby · 03/02/2008 09:27

Not remotely weird. If you care enough what she thinks, you could always run the gamut of brand names, made-up spellings, hypenated names etc, by the time you come back to Imogen she'll probaby think it's delightful (which it is, btw).


Wisteria · 03/02/2008 09:27

not at all - one of dd's friends is called Imogen - I think it's a lovely name - MILs just like to be critical ime


harleyd · 03/02/2008 09:28

i think its pretty


kayzr · 03/02/2008 09:28

Thanks I was beginning to think I was wierd.
Though I'll probably change my mind as Freddie was going to be called Jenson until we had the scan

OP posts:

meep · 03/02/2008 09:32

I think it's pretty too
Have you asked your mil what sort of names she likes............?


belgo · 03/02/2008 09:34

I love the name Imogen - go for it!


Nbg · 03/02/2008 09:35

I went to school with 2 Imogens.

Very pretty name and not weird at all.


WideWebWitch · 03/02/2008 09:36

I like Imogen very much
not weird at all


kayzr · 03/02/2008 09:37

She likes William, Harry, Tom, Edward, John.
Girls Ellie(its neices name), Laura, Victoria, Sophie,
I have nothing against these names but I dont personally like them.
I dont want my kids to be like John R1 in their class. When I was at school in my class there were 8 John's and 5 Laura's, I loved being the only Kayleigh

OP posts:

meep · 03/02/2008 09:42

She seems to like quite classic names - but I would have said that Imogen is also a classic name so she should like it!


FrannyandZooey · 03/02/2008 09:45

how blinking rude
they are both very normal and nice


Buda · 03/02/2008 09:53

Love the name Imogen.

DS's 2nd name is Frederick after DH's late Dad (Fred) who made me promise not to ever call any DS Fred or Freddie!


JulesJules · 03/02/2008 09:53

Not weird at all, classic (from Shakespeare) and beautiful, and popular (in the top 100 names). It's a lovely name. Why do mils think they have the right to comment, and to be so rude? I would say, OK then, you're right, we'll go for our 2nd choice, Coca-Cola...


ZippiBabes · 03/02/2008 09:54

no they are nice names, not weird at all ignore mil


kayzr · 03/02/2008 09:56

DH did say to her that the other name we had chosen was Ferrari and she looked like she'd seen a ghost

OP posts:

belgo · 03/02/2008 10:00

lol kayzr, great response


LadyVictorianSqualor · 03/02/2008 10:12

I think they're both nice names, I wouldnt be so sure of them not being Imogen X and Freddie Z though, I know quite a few children named these names recently.


Hulababy · 03/02/2008 10:13

Both names are definitely not wierd; just normal nice names.


kayzr · 03/02/2008 10:24

Lady Victorian I'd never heard of another Freddie where we live until we had ds. Its really wierd. My friend called her dd Lily as she didnt know anyone with a Lily now she knows 5 other Lily's

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