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Viola, Violet, Ella, Eleanor

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misslucy92 · 21/12/2022 15:29

Could you give me your thoughts on:

Viola - do you say vy-I-la or vy-o-la?
Eleanor ‚Ella‘

Sister is Ruby.

We are trying to find something not too popular but I’m worried our favourites are too popular yet again. We love Ruby‘s name but we’ve met too many, so usually she‘s Ruby Surname which we want to avoid this time.

Viola we only like as vy-o-la, so like Violet with an -a.

Is Violet too common? Ella or Eleanor too?

Is Eleanor called Ella pretentious? We thought that way we could use two names we like and if another Ella is in her class she can be Eleanor. Eleanor doesn’t seem common among little kids, am I right? At least around here.

OP posts:
tunthebloodyalarmoff · 21/12/2022 15:35

Ella is beautiful and not popular where I am

TheBirdintheCave · 21/12/2022 15:49

Viola is the least popular on your list at number 1224 with only 27 born last year. The other three are in the top 60.

As to pronunciation. The instrument would be vee-OH-la or vy-OH-la. VY-uh-la or VY-la is how I would pronounce the name, like the character in Twelfth Night.

KirstenBlest · 21/12/2022 15:55

Viola - Vie-O-la (the instrument is vee-o-la)
Violet - Vie(-uh)-lut
Ella - This has been very popular, as has Ellie, for at least 25 years. Lots of Ellas and Ellies will be something longer (Eleanor, Eloise, Elodie, Arabella, Gabriella...) on their BC so won't be included in the figures
Eleanor - ok but see comment on Ella.

Of your list, Viola is my favourite, then Violet.

Craftybodger · 21/12/2022 16:02

Viola, no it’s an instrument.
Violet, works the way you want it.
Eleanor, lovely
Ella, extremely popular in my area and would put me off.

Arniesleftleg · 21/12/2022 16:05

My daughter is Eleanor-Mae Rose. We used to call her Ellie, then Els, now it's just El. I adore her name though and wished I'd have carried on calling her Eleanor. She's 14 now so El does suit her.

Afl · 21/12/2022 16:06

I have an Eleanor. Well she's Eleanor-Rose. Not intending to ever call her anything shorter than Eleanor. Purposely chose the name as it wasn't very common

emotionallyfragile · 21/12/2022 16:30

I love Eleanor as long as it is pronounced like Ellen-a.
I heard one recently pronounced as it appears with the emphasis on the "nor" at the end. It just didn't sound right to my ears, but maybe some do pronounce it like that.

Cookienextdoor · 21/12/2022 16:49

I have a Violet, I haven't met another baby Violet yet and have had a few comments about how it is usual (I am well aware of its place in the rankings!). I think where you live affects your opinion when they are little but they will go on through life meeting other people from different places and may end up being one of many.
Pick your favourite name and don't worry about how popular it is.

BabyB2022 · 22/12/2022 16:33

My DD is called Violet and not yet met another one. As a PP said, we get lots of comments how lovely but uncommon it is. I also like Ella from your list.

OatFox · 22/12/2022 16:39

Violet is lovely.

SalviaOfficinalis · 22/12/2022 16:45

I’ve personally never heard anyone pronounce Viola the way I think you’re describing it. So I’d avoid if other people’s pronunciation will annoy you.

Violet - it’s okay, but always makes me think of Violent. I’m probably in the minority though as it’s increasingly popular.

Ella - pretty

Eleanor - elegant and stronger than Ella.

Iliketeaagain · 22/12/2022 16:47

Violet is beautiful. I would have used it as a middle name, but was vetos.

Also, it's a colour like Ruby.

Gingersnappy · 22/12/2022 19:34

My DD's middle name is Violet and I get compliments on it all the time, not as common these days. Eleanor is also v pretty but I see it everywhere

IamnotwhouthinkIam · 22/12/2022 23:38

Love Viola- elegant, Shakespearean classiness imo. I've only heard it pronounced as Vy -oh -la in English speaking countries, although I personally prefer the European Vee- oh -la pronunciation.

Eleanor is maybe not so exciting in comparison as there's a few about- but is still a similarly elegant, classic/traditional sounding choice (and therefore "safer" perhaps).

Not Ella - trendy rather than timeless, plus well used as both a nn and given name so bit dull now.

Nor Violet -again trendy rather than timeless, plus close to Violent, Violet Beauregard association for me.

BabyFour2023 · 22/12/2022 23:42

I love Ruby but have discounted it as we have a few within our circle of family & friends.
We have Violet on our list so may have some similar tastes. Other, less popular, names we like are;

HannahDefoesTrenchcoat · 22/12/2022 23:43

If you like Eleanor but want to avoid Ellie what about Helena?

Billslills · 23/12/2022 05:18

Oh I love the suggestion of Polly (or Penny?). ❤️

All your make choices are currently very popular… Except Viola which I really don’t like (sorry). It sounds like it should be a body part.

hadenoughforever · 23/12/2022 05:22

How about Helena or Elena

Luredbyapomegranate · 24/12/2022 10:26

Viola is vye-OH-luh - I like it

The rest are all very popular so I wouldn’t as that bothers you, and Ruby and Violet is too twinny, although nothing pretentious about Eleanor nn Ella.

Ruby and


Frazzled2207 · 24/12/2022 10:30

I play the viola (vee-oh-la)
I would pronounce the name VI-oh-la like in twelfth night but tbh i would expect some people would get it wrong

anyway I like Violet -very similar really- most from your list.

not Ella or anything that could be shortened to Ella/Ellie as so many of them. Violet is popular but not as ubiquitous

Frazzled2207 · 24/12/2022 10:31

Scottish people def do

Frazzled2207 · 24/12/2022 10:31

Sorry Scottish people do pronounce the -NOR at the end or Eleanor

Frazzled2207 · 24/12/2022 10:33

Ps I also like Elena if that is an option.
basically pronounced like Eleanor would be to most people.

Soozikinzii · 24/12/2022 10:39

My grandma's name was Vida which is similar to Viola and I've noticed Michaelbubles daughter is called Vida, so I dont know if you like that as an unsual name choice ? . I do like viola though. I used to play the Viola at school !

FatGirlSwim · 24/12/2022 10:44

We almost used Elena but didn’t because of the pronunciation issue of Eh-lay-na vs Eh-Lenn-a

I didn’t use Eleanor as i didn’t want Ellie, and I regret not using the name!

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