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Seraya or Sylvie?

19 replies

vulpix123 · 21/12/2022 09:12

I had asked if people preferred "Soraya or Sylvie" as we didn't want it spelt sereia which is how we had originally come across the name but my partner preferred the spelling Soraya. A few comments mentioned if it was spelt like that then the way we would prefer it to be pronounced , which is said like (seh-ray-a) then it would probably cause difficulties/confusion.

So what about the same question of what do you prefer between Seraya or sylvie with this different spelling instead?

Seraya is the top contender for my partner at the moment and Sylvie is mine.

Thank you for reading 😊

OP posts:
Consufed · 21/12/2022 09:15

Sylvie, or even better, Sylvia.

Would Serena be a good compromise?

LadyWithLapdog · 21/12/2022 09:18

Sylvie or Sylvia.

I’d have pronounced Seraya as Se-rah-ya and you’d probably need Sereya for how you want it pronounced.

FlamingJingleBells · 21/12/2022 09:20

Do you have Muslim heritage as Soraya is a very classic Muslim name?

olympicsrock · 21/12/2022 09:21

Personally Sereya looks like a made up name to me. Soraya is much better. i like it.

Sylvie is also nice. Give her a proper recognisable name though please not a made up one.

Notonyournellykelly · 21/12/2022 09:25

Sylvie or Sylvia. Sylvia is slightly more straightforward I think, but Sylvie is more modern.

Soraya is nice too. I know a Zoriya which I think is quite nice. There is also Safiya which I like too

vulpix123 · 21/12/2022 09:27

@LadyWithLapdog so it still canc ause confusion spelt that way then , so you are right it should be spelt sereya!

And @FlamingJingleBells no Muslim heritage but " sereia " which is what we came across first is of Portuguese origin , he likes the sound just not the spelling

OP posts:
Krakinou · 21/12/2022 09:28

Agree with pp that Soraya is better as it’s a recognizable name. I’d pronounce it so-RYE-ah, emphasis on the second syllable so the first would be closer to the “suh” sound anyway, which I think is what you’re going for.

I like Soraya and Sylvie equally, but Soraya gives more of an intense passionate vibe where Sylvie sounds more serene and peaceful (obviously just my random biases but there they are). If these are the last two contenders, personally I’d wait to meet your daughter and see which fits her best.

LadyWithLapdog · 21/12/2022 09:29

I’ve just looked it up and “sereia” is “mermaid” in Old Portuguese.

cravingmilkshake · 21/12/2022 09:30

I worked in Ann summers when I was 20 and Soraya was a sex toy! I love Sylvie

Krakinou · 21/12/2022 09:32

Sorry, just seen my pronunciation is totally different from what you’re going for. I prefer it to se-RAY-uh though.

vulpix123 · 21/12/2022 09:38

@Krakinou yes you are right! I think we should definitely wait until we meet her to see what fits best but I just don't want people to think both are bad choices, so just gathering some opinions from strangers as from past experience I'm not discussing names with family/friends as they try to suggest names they like instead haha

@LadyWithLapdog yes that's what we found too, meaning mermaid :) obviously changing the spelling would change the meaning I think but he is still wanting the same pronunciation.

@cravingmilkshake no way, I didn't know this!

OP posts:
TheBirdintheCave · 21/12/2022 10:37

I think changing the spelling in a bad idea. I'd stick with Sereia as, as others have said, it means 'mermaid' in Portuguese and you'll lose the meaning if you change the letters.

Personally I'd go with Sylvie.

Notonyournellykelly · 21/12/2022 10:38

I agree with not changing the spelling if you choose Sereia.

vulpix123 · 21/12/2022 14:20

Thank you everyone for your comments! Yes I think if we went with the name the spelling should stay as the original sereia so as not to lose the meaning as this is why he liked it in the first place!

But Sylvie I don't think people will have trouble saying or spelling :) will just have to see what we agree on once the time comes!

OP posts:
winonarose · 23/12/2022 21:56

For some reason I have never liked Sylvie or seen the appeal in that name but that's just me! Reminds me of slimy, lol! No offence intended to anyone

MerryChristmasToYou · 24/12/2022 18:59

Seraya looks made up

Lesserspottedmama · 24/12/2022 19:03

Sylvie is delightful. Don’t like the other name. Seren or Serena is nice.

vulpix123 · 25/12/2022 20:08

@MerryChristmasToYou how about the spelling sereia??

OP posts:
MerryChristmasToYou · 25/12/2022 20:23

@vulpix123 , I wouldn't know how to say it, and it looks made up.

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