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welsh baby girl names

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softmusk · 02/02/2008 11:25

hi i am looking for a welsh girls name that wont make the baby sound if she 90

help please

OP posts:
Pixiefish · 02/02/2008 15:28

What sort of name do you want and also do you live inwales- just thinking with the pronunciations etc

CarGirl · 02/02/2008 15:33

Myfanwy - "my fine one"

moondog · 02/02/2008 15:35

Teleri Elliw Lleucu Swyn Meleri Mali Mair Enfys Gwawr Llio Delyth Mai Siwan Haf.

I've got a Seren.

moondog · 02/02/2008 15:36

(Pixie, how are things with your baby and the feeding?)

mejon · 02/02/2008 16:15

Gwenno is lovely (but then I would say that!). Had we not called DD that, I wanted to call her Mabli which is the Welsh version of Mabel.

As a few have mentioned, it would largely depend on whether you are in Wales or not with regards problems with pronounciations. DH's side of the family are based in the North-West so we tried to choose something difficult to mis-pronounce.

Some of our other options: Elan, Elain, Fflur, Mali.

ejt1764 · 02/02/2008 16:41

I have a Mairwen - which is unusual but lovely

Girls in ds's class are:


I also liked:

Catws / Cati / Catrin


llareggub · 02/02/2008 17:00

I've always liked these:

Lydia (in my welsh names book surprisingly)

moondog · 02/02/2008 17:01

I love Anest.
Nearly used that one.

silkcushion · 02/02/2008 17:09

I know a lovely Eleri!

Hello Llaregub

CaliAndiemcdowellFrau · 02/02/2008 17:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

branflake81 · 02/02/2008 17:27


The best name in the world - cos it's mine!

Blandmum · 02/02/2008 18:32

My great-great grandmother was Gwenllian.

Given that we have an odd surname, she was the only person in the UK with her name until she called her dd Gewnllian. She had 11 children who crop up on the census records. Family story is that she had 20+ kids as she and her three sisters had 63 kids between them!

CaliAndiemcdowellFrau · 02/02/2008 18:35

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kel78 · 02/02/2008 18:35

Go to names world and click on origins at top and choose welsh, you can look at all girls boys welsh names and meanings. My daughters is Ffion

MrsJohnCusack · 02/02/2008 18:43

oooh LOVELY names on here

softmusk · 02/02/2008 19:08

just wanted to say thanks for all ur idea will show dh

OP posts:
silkcushion · 02/02/2008 22:19

I agree Bran - I just called my little dd Megan. But am liking Bronwen now too. Have to have another baby!

3andnomore · 03/02/2008 12:10

Ceriadh (sp?)

llareggub · 03/02/2008 16:41

Hello silk, go on, have another, I dare you!

I was very nearly called Angharad, but my parents decided that I'd be nicknamed Angie so went with something else instead.

needmorecoffee · 03/02/2008 16:45

you will spend your entire life spelling it out!
My dd is called 'Celyn' pronounced 'Keh-lin' but every blasted doctor/nurse/teacher calls out 'Celine' as in Celine bloody Dion.
muttermoan etc

Islamum · 03/02/2008 16:51

i wanted Tegan for our dd, but dh hated every welsh name I came up with!

sallystrawberry · 03/02/2008 16:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

silkcushion · 03/02/2008 20:56

I think you would have suited Angharad - it's a nice name - not so keen on Angie though.

I also like Eleri but worry it would be pronounced like celery here in England. Welsh names really need to be said with a welsh accent don't they?

Peachy · 03/02/2008 21:01

Common names here atm seem to be Megan, Rhian, Ffion, Seren, Sian (my sisters name and I do love it), Rhiannon, bethan.

Donk · 03/02/2008 21:03

I love Heulwyn - had a lovely girl in one of my classes with this name (when I lived in Wales)

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