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Sofia/Sophia vs Katerina

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M1rg0 · 11/12/2022 23:36

Which baby girl name would you prefer? Which one seems stronger?
Trying to figure out what suits better for my little one. I feel like Katerina is a bit rigid. However most people in my family don't like Sofia/Sophia, say it's way too common nowadays.

OP posts:
Buteverythingsfine · 12/12/2022 15:47

I have a Sofia and she loves her name! Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's not a goodie. I wanted a name that worked internationally as well, and it's equally popular on the continent. If you prefer a more unusual name, though, Katerina is lovely, in my daughter's culture it would be Ekaterina.

Sophiste · 12/12/2022 21:34

Lovely choices. If you’re not sure, how about Katia or Katya?

TheHouseIsInACircleNow · 12/12/2022 22:00

Sofia/Sophie are extremely popular and just don’t stand out as anything special as a result. Katarina is lovely but I think Katrina is more useable and still very pretty.

Moodhasplummeted · 15/12/2022 14:07

Katerina is gorgeous so I would choose that. It's a name I'd love to have and I wouldn't shorten it. Sophie is also pretty but possibly the most popular girls name in the world if that bothers you. Both great.

DNBU · 16/12/2022 08:24

Sofia/Sophia is so popular but for good reason. Beautiful name.
Katerina is also great name if it’s just between the two, I’d just flip a coin!

Luredbyapomegranate · 16/12/2022 10:38

I wouldn't use Sophia/Sofia because there are. just. so. many. of them. It is dull

I quite like Katarina, but there is also

Karina / Carina

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