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My friend has just given her new baby girl the middle name....

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Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/01/2008 18:19


Is it just me, or is this a boy's name?

OP posts:
NKF · 01/02/2008 16:45

It could be a surname used as a middle name. Scottish people do that quite a bit so perhaps it's that.

fishie · 01/02/2008 16:49

yup my granny's middle name was macpherson. but she had a betty in there too, lots of names!

BellaDonna79 · 01/02/2008 16:51

My poor mother's first name is, wait for it McDougall... My grandmother is a slightly odd woman, luckily at 5 she made the decision to tell her teacher that all her family called her by her middle name, Morvyn, whcih while still pretty bad is a HELL of a lot better than Mc fucking Dougall!

hanaflower · 01/02/2008 16:54

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

twelveyeargap · 01/02/2008 16:57

In parts of Ireland, it's traditional for children to get their mother's first name as a middle name. I knew a Paul Mary.

calzone · 01/02/2008 17:01

A good female friend of mine is called Ross Joseph.

Her mum wanted a boy!

chipmonkey · 01/02/2008 17:03

twelveyeargap, my Dad remembered teasing the boy next door shouting "Brian Mary Carthy, neh neh neh-neh neh!"

ComeOVeneer · 01/02/2008 17:10

Dh's (female) cousin's middle name is Timothy, after her uncle who died of leukemia the month before she was born. She was embarrsed about it as a young child but as she got older she is now very proud of it.

Bucky2008 · 01/02/2008 17:52

origins of douglas

Douglas was indeed a girl's name first.

pointydog · 01/02/2008 17:53

Morvyn's an odd spelling but I love the name Morven

sabaidii · 02/02/2008 10:37

I knw a little girl called Abigail Michael. Her mum didn't think she would be able to have another child. She did have a second girl and called her Madeleine John. She thought if she gave Abby a boy's name, then she should do the same for the second one.

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