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My friend has just given her new baby girl the middle name....

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Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/01/2008 18:19


Is it just me, or is this a boy's name?

OP posts:
Lulumama · 31/01/2008 18:20

are you sure you did not mishear???

Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/01/2008 18:20

No, I've just had an email!

OP posts:
3Ddonut · 31/01/2008 18:20

Is it a surname?

MAMAZON · 31/01/2008 18:21

maybe they are pronouncing it differently?
maybe its just a joke?

maybe they are total and utter freakazoids

Ledodgy · 31/01/2008 18:21

Luckily for her Douglas is also a surname so people will probably just assume she has a double barrelled surname.

Lulumama · 31/01/2008 18:21

oh !

is it a traditional family name and they don;t have a boy to give it to?

fatzak · 31/01/2008 18:21

Not her maiden name or anything?

Hulababy · 31/01/2008 18:21

Is it one of their surnames - rather than having hyphanted surname perhaps?

Slubberdegullion · 31/01/2008 18:21

I have several friends who have used their maiden names as a middle name for their DC.

Douglas is not the prettiest name in the world though.....

Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/01/2008 18:22

That's a plausible theory 3Ddonut! I don't know of it being in her family, but it might be.

She is American, does that help explain it?

OP posts:
TheFallenMadonna · 31/01/2008 18:22

Family surname as middle name? One of my Grandad's middle names was Lamb for that reason, and stepdad's family also all have an extra surname as a middle name.

Otherwise, yes, it's a boys name.

And I think if you're doing the whole surname as middle name thing, probably best not to pick one that doubles as a first name, for the opposite sex...

Kathyis6incheshigh · 31/01/2008 18:23

They already have a double-barrelled surname so people will be assuming it is a triple barrel!

OP posts:
belgo · 31/01/2008 18:23

In Belgium it is the tradition to give the new baby as second and third names the christian names of the godfather and godmother.

Hence many boys have got girl's names as middle names and vice versa.

Maybe they are following some tradition?

It really doesn't matter much if it's a middle name.

MrsDandOllie · 31/01/2008 18:24

My American friend gave her daughter a passed down family name as a middle name (I think my friend has the same middle name). Its Hayden, which I thought was a boys name as well.
I think it is defeinitely an American thing!!

QuintessentialShadow · 31/01/2008 18:25

I have first name, middle name and a double barrel surname. I hate spelling out my name, it takes for ever, I was alway envious of Liz Smith.

A friend of mine had 3 first names, and 2 surnames. When she married she kept the first name which was Anna, and took her husbands surname which was very simple. Makes sense.

These days, I am fed up with my long name, and cut both my middle name and the first of the barrels.

Many names makes great palaver.

Sunshinemummy · 31/01/2008 18:27

I believe this is also something if a Scottish tradition too. I know of two women with surnames as their middle names.

hatrick · 31/01/2008 18:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

ggglimhoho · 31/01/2008 18:31

A bit off topic but I had lunch today with friends who were all commenting on my ds's funny middle name - "Caesar".

I had sent out a text with his name, then caesar(for caesarean!)......

belgo · 31/01/2008 18:32

pmsl gggglimpopo!!!

Ledodgy · 31/01/2008 18:32

rofl GGG!

hatrick · 31/01/2008 18:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Anna8888 · 31/01/2008 18:35

Both my parents have first name (=normalish first name) second name (= family member first name and a bit odd) third name (=family member surname and very odd) and then surname.

Douglas as a middle name for a girl isn't terrible by those standards, frankly

Vacua · 31/01/2008 18:45

I had a friend at school whose middle name was Allen, she had a very pretty first name and an ok surname (Taylor). That was a family name thing, maiden I think.

edam · 31/01/2008 18:57

Ooh, I'm sure I've come across a female Douglas somewhere. Going away to rack my brains.

edam · 31/01/2008 18:59

Might have been a character in a novel.

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