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Innes (boy) - will be be laughed at in Spain?

13 replies

ScotGirl · 31/01/2008 12:29

Innes - nice Scottish boys name (well I think so anyway) BUT Ines is also a nice Spanish girls name.

DH thinks it is a bad idea because it will give him nothing but hassles in Spanish speaking countries...

Are we being too precious!

OP posts:

Susiemj · 31/01/2008 12:36

are you moving to spain? it is a girl's name there anf would be received as such, but if you're not living there shouldn't be an issue. if he moves there as an adult he can speak for himself?


lokka · 31/01/2008 12:53

the stress is on the e in Spanish.

is it the same in Scottish?

Personally I think you shouldn't worry, just choose a name you like! I agree it's nice.


Anna8888 · 31/01/2008 12:55

Inès is very popular in France these days (for girls).


uptomyeyes · 31/01/2008 12:57

I know two girls called Innes - at least one of them is scottish - I'd check that it is definitely a boys name.


Anna8888 · 31/01/2008 12:59

Just checked it out in the Oxford Dictionary of First Names - Innes is a male and female Scottish first name.


bookwormmum · 31/01/2008 13:01

There is a boy at my dd's school called Ines. I think he's greek.


Pickie · 31/01/2008 13:02

I have a German friend called Innes

Lovely name though!


MrsMattie · 31/01/2008 14:23

When I hear Ines I think of a French woman.


Susiemj · 31/01/2008 20:46

just asked spanish dh - he made a big face and said there would be problems in spain.


dizzydixies · 01/02/2008 12:07

in scotland its a boys name pn more innis but spelt innes

in spain Inez is pn more In eeeee z!
if that helps at all?!


GryffinGirl · 01/02/2008 12:14

I love Innes - really nice. Would say it is a boys name in Scotland (even though I am ex pat now)

The Beckhams called their son Cruz while living in Spain. In Spanish it's an old fashioned girl's name - like calling your son Agnes. i wouldn't worry unless you are moving to Spain.


ib · 01/02/2008 12:18

It's pronounced very differently so I wouldn't worry - If Spanish people hear it said they will not necessarily connect the two, only if they see it in writing.


kiskidee · 01/02/2008 12:19

Ines is Agnes in Spanish.

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