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Julia, Zoe or Allie?

33 replies

Littlegarnish · 14/11/2022 12:00

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for thoughts on the names:

Julia Isobel McClement
Zoe Isobel McClement
Allie Isobel McClement

I like the elegance of Julia, but the 'sparkiness' of Zoe. I like the familiarity and friendliness of Allie. Bit stuck! I think Zoe sounds the best with surname though...

OP posts:
fairycupcakes · 14/11/2022 12:06

Oh I love Julia! So elegant.
I haven’t heard Zoe in years so definitely due it’s come back! Both are lovely - Not so keen on Allie.

Is Isobel set for the middle name?

I quite like Zoe Julia McClement

Littlegarnish · 14/11/2022 12:09

No not absolutely set with Isobel! Not absolutely set with anything tbh 😅

Zoe Julia is nice :) Julia and Isobel are both family names, so swapping them will work. It's something to think about.

Yeah, perhaps Allie is too nickname-y.

OP posts:
Rauha · 14/11/2022 12:10


StopFeckingFaffing · 14/11/2022 12:11

I would go for Zoe, I agree that it has a sparkiness to it and has never been overused but everyone knows how it is spelt and pronounced

I don't mind Allie as a nickname for Alison (in which case I prefer Ali spelling) but I don't feel it works that well as a stand alone name

Julia is ok but feels more 'middle aged' and less suitable for a child than Zoe

Sandysandwich · 14/11/2022 12:15

I like Allie, it feels friendly
Mostly I hear it as a shortening for Alice, Alison, Alexandra etc, also seen it spelt Ali or Ally but its nice as a full name too
Isobel is a really lovely middle name

iloveautumn3 · 14/11/2022 12:20

I have a 5 year old called Zoe.

Littlegarnish · 14/11/2022 12:30

I think I like Allie because of The Notebook too 😳 I think she was actually an Allison with two Ls, but she was always just Allie.

Garth Brooks has a daughter called Allie too (the country singer) which gave me more confidence in it being a standalone name!

I really do love Zoe though. I think I prefer Zoe Isobel to Zoe Julia actually 👀

DH loves Julia (I think he associates it with Julia Roberts, so he doesn't see it as dated). I like it, but probably prefer Zoe. They are very different 'vibes' though imo.

OP posts:
Littlegarnish · 14/11/2022 12:36

I like Isobel. The Isobel I'd be naming the baby after is actually an Isabella, but she's always gone by Isobel.

So that also provides the possibility of Zoe Isabella 🤔

OP posts:
TalkisChips · 14/11/2022 12:51

Allie is more a nickname. I like Hallie or Callie more.

Zoe and Julia are nice and not heard at school! Makes a change from Ava/Evie/Isla/Amelia.

fairycupcakes · 14/11/2022 13:25

Littlegarnish · 14/11/2022 12:36

I like Isobel. The Isobel I'd be naming the baby after is actually an Isabella, but she's always gone by Isobel.

So that also provides the possibility of Zoe Isabella 🤔

Zoe Isabella is lovely! I do love the name Julia though and think it goes lovely with Zoe! Both beautiful options for your DD though ☺️

Smallonesaremorejuicy · 14/11/2022 13:50

Julia . Zoe is a 70s name . Allie a nn .

catinboots123 · 14/11/2022 13:57

Alexandra Isobel

NN Ally

MassiveSalad22 · 14/11/2022 14:02

I have a 7 month old Zoë 😊 the day she was born we watched something on Netflix produced by a Zoë Oursurname. Two weeks later my aunt’s stepson had a baby Zoë. Zoës are in every American show it seems 😄 really noticed it since we had our own. It is the perfect name though, so makes sense! EVERYONE says ‘oh you don’t hear that for babies these days/I haven’t met a baby Zoë for years’ but everyone knows the name, easy to say and spell, quite international and can imagine a Zoë of every age.

Juliet and Allie were both on our list so you have splendid taste OP. I’d vote Julia as selfishly dont want a ton of Zoës springing up 😄

RuthW · 14/11/2022 14:57

Julia is the best.

What is Allie short for? Alison, Alice, Alexandra, Alexa?

CoalCraft · 14/11/2022 16:53

Zoe for sure

VenusClapTrap · 14/11/2022 17:17

I like Julia the best. Elegant and ‘grown up’. But I agree that Zoe goes the best with your surname.

I don’t think Allie is good as a stand-alone name personally; it’s too informal and whilst fine for a child I wouldn’t want to be a 30-something trying to be taken seriously in a high flying career with such a nicknamey name. But others will disagree.

ofwarren · 14/11/2022 17:39

Julia 100%

SunshineAndFizz · 14/11/2022 18:40

Julia. Definitely.

xJ0y · 14/11/2022 18:42

I love Zoe and Julia

Allie is a bit dull in comparison.

BeaLola · 14/11/2022 18:53

I have known and worked with a few Julia's - it's nice but of your 3 I really like Zoe - never known anyone with the name but all I have met have been lovely - and it's never misspelt

I think Zoe Julia is a lovely version

User6761 · 14/11/2022 22:23

I really like Allie, but it does feel a bit informal - probably just because it's rarely used as a full name. Alison, Alice, Allegra, Alexandra, Alexis, Alba...lots of different options that could have Allie as a shortening.

I also like Isobel a lot.

ladygindiva · 14/11/2022 22:29

Zoe Isobel

userxx · 14/11/2022 22:36

Zoe. I absolutely love this name and I'm one of the others on your list.

3peassuit · 14/11/2022 22:38

Julia is lovely.

Mittens1717 · 15/11/2022 07:31

Definitely Zoe, short and sweet, Allie is also quite nice, Julia is boring

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