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So what do you think?

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BellaDonna79 · 28/01/2008 21:02

Not expecting, not my kids, not friends kids, just have heard them in passing and thought either, I quite like that or OMG were you on crack...
so wise mumsnetters what are your opinions on...

Onassis G
Enzo B
Caspian B
Ylennia G
Edie G
Flossie G
Jolie G
Jacobi B
Mckenzie G
Benaii (was pronounced ben-ay) G
Cydnie/Sydney G
Fabrizia (pronounced fa-brit-zia) G

OP posts:
Hulababy · 29/01/2008 08:22

moljam - we have a Mollie, so I am biased, but I think it is a lovely name I know it is supposed to be a lot more popular no but we don't actually know any others and there are none in DD's school.

FillyjonkisCALM · 29/01/2008 08:27

lol my name is on there

moljam · 29/01/2008 11:14

Hulababy-it is lovelythere is one other molly where we live but shes 80ish!

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