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So what do you think?

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BellaDonna79 · 28/01/2008 21:02

Not expecting, not my kids, not friends kids, just have heard them in passing and thought either, I quite like that or OMG were you on crack...
so wise mumsnetters what are your opinions on...

Onassis G
Enzo B
Caspian B
Ylennia G
Edie G
Flossie G
Jolie G
Jacobi B
Mckenzie G
Benaii (was pronounced ben-ay) G
Cydnie/Sydney G
Fabrizia (pronounced fa-brit-zia) G

OP posts:
NKF · 28/01/2008 22:24

I know. It's one of those surnames that have become first names. Apparently that's a bit of a trend right now. Or was in the States so is probably on its way here.

armyofme · 28/01/2008 22:28

Onassis G - like
Enzo B - like
Caspian B - like
Ylennia G - like
Edie G - like
Flossie G -dislike
Jolie G - dislike
Jacobi B - dislike
Mckenzie G - like
Benaii (was pronounced ben-ay) G - like
Cydnie/Sydney G - dislike
Fabrizia (pronounced fa-brit-zia) G - like

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:29

there is plenty of space on my soap box.

I must admit,I find it simply ignorant when people just dismiss a name as chavvy, because it isn't a common brittish name...
considering that we live in such a diverse, multicultural society.....

Anyway, I am obviously a complete chav anyway, because my boys are Sven, Yannic and Flynn...but then, maybe I am not, because I am german and the first 2 names are very commonly used in germany....Flynn is just a sign of my "Home & Away" Appreciation

My Kid go to school in such a diverse environment, lots of polish, russian, croation, scottish, irish...(you name it it's there) influences...

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:30

NKF, Sidney can be boy and girl...

SlartyBartFast · 28/01/2008 22:30

where did the list of names come from OP??


hester · 28/01/2008 22:30

I like Edie - it's a proper name (my granny was Edie).
Flossie is a sweet name for a rabbit.
I don't like the others.

moljam · 28/01/2008 22:33

3andnomore- i think your ds's names are lovely!

armyofme · 28/01/2008 22:39

Btw i presume the Gs and Bs are just abbreviations of the children's surnames, is that right?

And OP - why are you interested in opinions on the names if they don't have any personal relevance?

if there's even more space on your soapbox 3andnomore i'll get up there too. i can't really comprehend how judgemental some people can be about non-traditional/non-british names

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:39

thank you We obviously love them...and tbh, I couldn't care less if anyone would be ignorant enough to think of me as a chav on the grounds of my Kids names alone...

moljam · 28/01/2008 22:40

armyofme- g =girl

i think whether or not i like names but im not pregnant.

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:41

G's and B's stand for good or bad...I think

and plenty of space...

admittedly, if anyone asked me about opinion of name, I will happily say like or not...but the whole chavs thing...

Must admit, that I find the celeb name choices sometimes a bit to erm...artistically free, lol...

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:41

oops or girl and boy...duh...tis late...can I blame it on that?

hatrick · 28/01/2008 22:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:47

lol...yeah men...grrr....I always wanted a little Noah , had 3 Boys and still no Noah in sight, because dh doesn't like the name....tsss.....

melpomene · 28/01/2008 22:48

I hate all of them. Shudder at naming a child after Jonbenet.

hatrick · 28/01/2008 22:48

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

pointydog · 28/01/2008 22:49

They are all rather strange. But maybe you just like 'rather strange'

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:51 least he has got good taste then, hatrick

moljam · 28/01/2008 22:52

hatrick-how rude of your dh to like names too!my dh and i disagreed about lots of names.dd is molly which is my grandmother,ds1 is james-after james taylor i got that one!ha ha!and we let dd and ds1 choose ds2 name.ds choose thomas after the tank engine and dd choose middle name of actually dh didnt chooce!except ds1 has his name as middle name.

hatrick · 28/01/2008 22:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

armyofme · 28/01/2008 22:53

ah i see! g for girl, b for boy! i'm not too quick tonight.

3 - i also think that made-up names can be ridiculous, particularly celebrity stylee, but i have seen some lovely names getting slated on here for simply not being old-school traditional british names. and i genuinely find that hard to get my head around - where i live it is more the norm to NOT be tradtional...

i also think about whether i like names or not when i hear them, but not sure i'd bother to post a thread about it unless i had a reason.

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:55

moljam, Molly is such a cute name
and I like James...but we stayed well clear of any names starting with a J, due to the german connection, cos Yames just doesn't have that same ring to it, lolololol....
for the same reason we stayed away from names beginning with the letter R...Rhys just doesn't sound nice with a hard rolling Rrrr....shudder

3andnomore · 28/01/2008 22:56

indeed army

moljam · 28/01/2008 22:59
Joash · 28/01/2008 23:01

all ... ALL ... VILE!!!!!!

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