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Libmama · 30/10/2022 07:10

We just keep going round in circles. We’ve got 4 names on our list, like all of them but don’t love any.
They are:

If we go with Ottilie she will be called Ottie more often than not.

I like short, nicknamey names really. DP is not helpful and keeps suggesting things like Brenda and Carol 🙄

I’m not keen on top 100 names (which is one of the reasons I’m sure we won’t use Eden) as I’m a teacher and there will be at least one at school. I also don’t like older, traditional names.

Middle name will be Alice. Surname is a type of weed that grows on rocks that rhymes with Boss 😆

OP posts:
PritiPatelsMaker · 30/10/2022 07:14

If you don't love any of them I'd keep on looking or leave it until she is born.

With DC2 we were set on a boys name but hadn't agreed on a girls name. She was born, DH help her and said "What about ...". It was a name that I'd suggested a few times and loved and he'd said no to, thankfully not Brenda! Halloween Grin

Twizbe · 30/10/2022 07:14

If you've got a short list, I'd wait now until baby is here. One of those names might jump out as being hers.

I didn't know the sex of either of my kids so had to wait until birth to decide on a name. I was pretty convinced any daughter would be Eleanor until she was born. When I saw her I realised that wasn't her name and went for one much further down our list.

FayCarew · 30/10/2022 07:17

I don't like any of your suggestions. Ottilie has become popular very quickly.
Piper will be Pipes. Edie is ok but I don't like Eden. Indie sounds like a newspaper.

Carol is ok but Caroline is really pretty and could be shortened to Carrie, Cally, Caro or Carly. I think Cally goes well with your surname.

PurBal · 30/10/2022 07:21

Otillie is an ancient name. Very traditional and classic. it’s literally a saints name! I know 3 but no Edens (which I like). May depend on where you live?
I prefer India to Indie.

Mymoneydontjigglejiggle · 30/10/2022 07:22

I think your names are all really different. The one I think best fits your brief is Indie. But I agree with pp - wait til she's here. Or another trick, each day pick a name and use that solely to discuss the baby. Sometimes the more you say a name out loud, the better you get a feel for how much you really like it. We shortened our list of names quite quickly doing this as some names were grating on me by the end of the day!

GlassDeli · 30/10/2022 10:17

I know it's old/traditional, but Penelope would draw on your shortlisted names. Penny or Nell as nickname.


Thisisnotmyname2 · 30/10/2022 11:30

I don't like Otillie sorry although I can't explain why. I know it's quite popular and others will disagree with me just wouldn't be my choice.

Eden Moss sounds like its describing moss that grows in the garden of Eden. Maybe that's just me though.

I like Piper Alice Moss and think that flows the best. Piper Alice sounds lovely together.

DuchessOfSausage · 30/10/2022 12:40

I don't like Ottilie either. I like the german pronunciation, and the saint was french, but the UK pronunciation sounds too close to Otterly or O'uhleh where I live

Spookypig · 30/10/2022 12:46

PurBal · 30/10/2022 07:21

Otillie is an ancient name. Very traditional and classic. it’s literally a saints name! I know 3 but no Edens (which I like). May depend on where you live?
I prefer India to Indie.

The saint is actually called Odile. Ottilie is a variant of the name and is actually pronounced ‘Ott-eel-yuh’ so the ‘Ottilie’ that has recently become popular in the UK is kind of just a mispronunciation of this.

Spookypig · 30/10/2022 12:47

I also don’t like Ottilie and think it will date badly. I love Eden and Piper is cute too.

groovergirl · 30/10/2022 12:55

I love your surname, OP. As PPs have suggested, it would suit a long, melodious name that can be shortened. How about:

Vanessa or Evangeline (Van)
Vassilia (Vassie)
Nicolina (Nicky)
Rowena (Roey)
Antonia (Toni)
Ludivine (Ludi)
Madeleine (Maddy)
Tamasine, Tamara (Tam)

Of your list, I like Eden, but you're right, the playgrounds are rife with little Edies and Evies. Piper was trendy about a decade ago. As for Indie -- please no, it's silly and meaningless. If you like the sound, how about Cynthia nn Cindy or Miranda nn Mindy?

Theoldwoman · 30/10/2022 13:11

Tahni Alice
Katya Alice
Dyani Alice
Anthea Alice
Kristin Alice
Katrine Alice
Patrice Alice
Mahalia Alice
Desiree Alice
Tristine Alice
Rhiannon Alice
Narelle Alice
Naomi Alice
Josette Alice
Leilarni Alice
Sian Alice
Bettina Alice
Calista Alice
Asha Alice
Briony Alice
Erina Alice
Electra Alice
Juanita Alice
Neroli Alice
Sylvie Alice
Talia Alice

FennelAndOnions · 30/10/2022 14:58

Not keen on Ottilie but it’s becoming more and more popular and I think will date.

Love Indie.

sopeas · 30/10/2022 15:26

Of your list I love Piper and it goes lovely with Alice as a middle name

Sandysandwich · 30/10/2022 15:32

I like Indie and Eden, they go really well with Alice
But Eden with your surname made me think of Eton Mess

tunthebloodyalarmoff · 30/10/2022 15:40

Piper is really cool but doesn't go with Alice it's to traditional in

Libmama · 30/10/2022 17:40

Haha now you’ve said this I can’t unsee it! 😂Eden is off the list!!

OP posts:
Libmama · 30/10/2022 17:42

Piper is my favourite I think. I also love that her initials would be PAM and that’s my other grandmother’s (not Alice) name!
I love Poppy but it’s too popular round where we live. Not keen on Penelope as my eldest DS is a thunderbirds fan and he’d think she was named after Lady Penelope 😆

OP posts:
Libmama · 30/10/2022 18:21

Also forgot to add I REALLY like Lois. Not only because my DS’s are called Leo and Isaac and I like that her name would be a bit of both of theirs but it doesn’t flow well with Alice unless we add another middle name….

OP posts:
Mumofgirls2017 · 31/10/2022 21:48

Love Eden and piper!


Luredbyapomegranate · 31/10/2022 23:07

Oh Lois 💯

Much nicer than the rest. It’s a fantastic name - strong and elegant. Just use a name in the middle like Lois Katharine Alice or whatever

Ottilie is a bit fussy for me, but also Ottie Moss would make me think of Otters (not that that isn’t quite sweet)
Piper - it’s ok
Eden - it’s a bit naff.. also Eden Moss makes me think of religious moss, which is a bit weird
Indie - It’s very naff, going to be the Tracy of the 20s

Inez or Carys might be an alternative to Lois - would also need something in front of Alice

Philippa nn Pippa
Cassia nn Cassie
I also like Alicia Moss - could you use that as a a first name instead of Alice in the middle ?

RosesAndHellebores · 31/10/2022 23:18


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